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Scraps by Rosalyn Wraight
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Aug 19, 2011

it was amazing
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It’s time for another gathering of the Lesbian Adventure Club and this month is a little special. Kate and Claudia are celebrating their ten-year anniversary at the Crappie Cabin, just the two of them for one blissful evening before they are invaded by the group of their closest friends. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned and when Claudia accuses Kate of something quite serious, feelings are hurt and the women spend the evening not talking. Kate is reeling from the accusations, and the lack of trust her partner has in her cuts to Kate's core.

“But I also knew how much I loved her, how utterly committed I was to her. Having that questioned ~ even if via fear ~ seemed like a punch in the stomach, the heart.”

Despite their best efforts to hide their troubles from their friends, Kate and Claudia are not very good at masking how miserable they are. Or maybe it’s just that Ginny & Kris, Maggie & Susan, Alison & Janice and Laura & Holly know their friends quite well. Before too long comes yelling, tears, confessions, assurances, more crying, and declarations of love. All the women are there for Kate and Claudia when they need their friends the most.
But that is only one part of the undisciplined weekend. Claudia sets the stage when she throws their plans out the window. The women are all excited by the prospect of a free weekend, with absolutely no plans and lots of time for relaxing. However, despite howls of excitement from all, these woman just aren’t happy unless they have plans and things begin to rise up including bowling and rescuing some Dykes Who Dare honorary members.

Scraps is once again a fantastic addition to a series that has become a personal favorite of mine. I never know quite what to expect when I begin a Lesbian Adventure Club book but Wraight never fails to deliver a tightly woven plot with characters that are engaging and well developed. These women are strong and independent yet they have their weaknesses and rely on their close connections with one another. Of all the female characters I've read, these stand out in my mind for so many reasons. The stories are fun and heart-warming and silly but what keeps me coming back to the books over and over is the characters. These women are true-to-life and feel like old college friends who come by for a visit every once in a while.

The core of this story is trust. Trust in your partner, trust in your friends, trust that you know another person and can rely on that trust. The story beings with Claudia not trusting Kate, something that is simply gut-wrenching to watch since these women have fought so hard throughout the series to fix their relationship and be solid together. There are numerous other instances within the story of cases where friends and lovers either trust or do not trust one another, continuing the theme throughout the entire story. Some are serious ~ Kate believing that she will be alone again if her friends believe she is capable of what she’s been accused of ~ while others are quite funny ~ Alison fighting tooth and nail against Maggie who wants her to try vegan ice cream. Each is cunningly woven into the story so that they don't hit you over the head but instead subtly push over and over toward understanding the need for trust.

This story is much more emotional than some of the previous ones, and a lot of that is undoubtedly because Kate & Claudia are one of my favorite couples and my heart simply ached for them. I'm being intentionally vague in the review as I don't want to give away what comes between them, but reading it brought tears to my eyes. Kate, as our fearless narrator for each story, is the character that readers will undoubtedly feel closest to as we experience the stories through her eyes. To see her struggling, so desperate to make Claudia understand, foundering at the thought of losing the woman that is the center of her world, is deeply moving. This books starts out with a punch to the gut and then simply takes off, a wild emotional ride from beginning to end.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Lesbian Adventure Club book if there weren't lots of laughter inducing bits! Wraight deftly balances emotional storylines with plenty of humor. Kate has a “hemorrhoid removal via the nostril” episode which is quite unpleasant and brought on by a sadistic rendition of “She’s a Little Teapot” from Laura. You just know that when fierce detective Laura is singing and dancing around there is going to be hell to pay. There is talk of how often couples “ta-da”, a “Venus gay-man trap”, “a littermate crybaby ~ a primate crymate”, a “Squiggly Empress Show”, and DWDWDWD aka “Dudes Who Deal With Dykes Who Dare.” No really! And for sports fans, one gal manages to get "a bunch of daredevil lesbians to agree to wear ugly shoes and touch balls.” Now that's skill!

Anyone who has read one of my reviews for the books in this series will know that they can always be read as stand-alones but I highly recommend starting from the beginning. The books flow together beautifully with the progression of the relationships between both friends and lovers. The series prior to Scraps starts with Scavengers, and continues with Ledge Walkers, Savages, Loose Sleuths, Sisters, and Leakers Ignited. Each book is a fantastic read, and all together they make for a phenomenal set of books that I cannot more highly recommend.

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