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The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
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Sep 07, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy
Read in September, 2011

Now that Rand has taken Tear, and Callandor, what should he do with them? Everyone has an opinion of what he should do. Rand wants to do what no one would expect so he travels, through a portal stone, to the Waste, home of the Aiel. He must enter Rhuidean.

Perrin has a great story line. He leaves Rand and Mat and travels through through the Ways to the Two Rivers, which has been beseiged by White Cloaks and Trollocs. He is accompanied by Loial, the ogier, Faile, Bain, Chiad, and Gaul. What can Perrin "Goldeneyes" Aybara do to save his home village?

Egwene accompanies Rand to the Waste so she can meet the Aiel Wise Ones and begin training as a dreamwalker. Aviendha reluctantly travels with her. Mat learned from the "snake people" that he must go to Rhuidean, so he reluctantly travels along with the group.

Nynaeve and Elayne, accompanied by Thom and Juilinn, travel to Tanchico, hunting

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