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Long Drive Home by Will Allison
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Aug 18, 2011

really liked it

First, I do not know how anyone could rate this book with one star?

Allison's characters were all very believable to me and I thought the plot was very well thought out.

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit you could easily be Glen.

I felt angry and sorry for Glen. His wife Liz's line was drawn in the sand indicating just where she stood in the situation and relationship. At first I thought her reaction was a bit over the top, but then after finding out she grew up with an attorney for a father, I began to waiver. Was she really just being very smart?

Days after reading this book, I've replayed in my mind all of the times I've been aware of spouses not being honest with each other. This bothers me because I have always been honest with my spouse and I am 99.9% sure my husband is honest with me. However, I want that to be 100%.

This book reminded me of a real situation that happened a few years ago. A wife who happened to be the principal of an elementary school was going to drop off her toddler at daycare that morning because her husband had a dentist appointment. I think it was the first day of school and she had a lot on her mind. She had broken her daily routine and forgot to drop off her toddler. The child died from being in the car all day in the offensive heat. Her purpose for living these days is to make people aware of what happened to her. Her teaching words are to slow down and be in the moment. (I know this sounds very Oprahish.) She had a change in her routine and her brain overload caused her toddler to die.

A small action (or, perceived action) can have devastating consequences. Glen was in one panic, Liz in another. The young man did things he should not have done. You can take precautions, but in certain circumstances, are any of us confident in how far we will or will not go? Not me.

I did not know what to think about reading the first chapter of Allison's first book at the end of this book. Is this a new trend for authors?

I enjoyed this book and I am anxious to read his other book. Job well done!
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