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Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh
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Sep 25, 2011

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bookshelves: 2012, supernatural, sci-fi
Read from June 07 to 27, 2012

The psy war has begun! And SnowDancer has found itself a target.

Pure Psy hasn't disintegrated after their failure on SnowDancer lands. The Human Alliance remains a target. The Psycouncil is split and although Nikita and Anthony are uneasy allies, Ming is desperate to get hold of the X-psy who is now the heart of the SnowDancer pack. Henry has disappeared after the attack but his influence remains as PurePsy become ever more dangerous. Whereas Shoshanna has retreated, Tatiana is playing her own game.

Kaleb remains the most fascinating though. He continues his search for the unknown girl, as well as playing each side of the war.

Big changes are happening in the net and PurePsy will stop at nothing, even harming their own people. Casualties are high.

Still don't know any more about the ghost :-(

Judd's back and as per usual is on form! I love the idea there is an 'I love Judd' club now, haha, sign me up. (Don't sass a Tk!)

Lot's of Sienna/Hawke time. And Mercy/Riley.

I never really warmed enough to Riaz, though I loved his carvings. Adria though is a fantastic character and I was pleased with what her dominance was, it's a lovely one.
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06/07/2012 page 1
0.0% "Book 11 and the need is felt for a character list (does this mean we won't see those left off the list in this book? there are a few old couples missing and a few new faves too)"
3.0% "Holy crap is the book over already?"
8.0% "This is all way too sensible at the moment. What kinda book-heroine talks/thinks before acting?"
20.0% "I ship Sam - with everyone"
30.0% "I just remembered there are such things as "I love Judd" t-shirts in the Psy-changeling universe!"
39.0% "You don't sass a Tk"
49.0% "Ewww melted plas integrating with organs. That is"
58.0% "Judd Judd Judd. Do you remember when Judd was silenced? And now he's coaching kids and being genuinely the best character in this series"
59.0% "Way to introduce yourself Judd. You never fail to impress"
59.0% "Way to introduce yourself Judd. You never fail to impress"
60.0% "8 books now and I still love when Judd smiles, remembering how he used to be"
61.0% "I fight harder, dirtier, and rougher because I know any injury to me will rebound on her"
62.0% "Oh the Psy and her daughter - emotion even if she doesn't believe it"
66.0% "Judd vs the jungle gym? Hawkes gonna be forking out for a new one soon enough"
66.0% "Judd vs computer games? Don't sass a Tk (is that this books moto? yay)"
71.0% "Multiples!!!"

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