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Magyk by Angie Sage
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Dec 27, 09

bookshelves: half-read, fantasy, fiction

** spoiler alert ** I got close to the end of this book, but it's really too boring and I'm being asked to stretch my imagination too much for these characters. They're in the middle of a war and have been kicked out of their home and yet their leader is a big enough knucklehead to take a letter from her ally as absolute truth when he asks her to meet him in front of the enemy's stronghold. Right. Why is this meathead the Extraordinary Wizard? It's too much for me to believe that she is this dense. I know she's supposed to be used to having her way all the time, but for her to think her enemies are just going to let her flutter about the Castle anywhichway she wants is too ridiculous for me.

The book is also just dull. For most of it the characters are hiding out at their auntie's in a marsh. In situations like this, character can really shine if it's written well, but for me most of the characters are indistinguishable from each other except by descriptions of their appearances and a few way too exaggerated personality characteristics. Jenna is kind, Aunt Zelda is crazy, Boy 412 is afraid. Bah! I gave it 2 stars, because no doubt it is more palatable to a younger audience who just wants adventure that isn't too scary.

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