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Primal Law by J.D. Tyler
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Aug 18, 2011

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Primal Law by J. D. Tyler is the first book in her Alpha Pack paranormal romance series.

Kira Locke knows that the scientists at the lab where she works are up to something shady, so she decides to steal some lab samples to prove it. Too bad for her that she is discovered and is forced to flee from the lab. The men guarding the lab catch up to Kira and almost kill her before Jaxon Law intervenes. Jaxon is part of Alpha Pack, a secret group of soldiers who can shapeshift and have other abilities. Jaxon and his friends take Kira to their compound, where she encounters even more strange beings. Kira finds herself attracted to Jaxon, who feels the same way, despite the fact that a past lover betrayed him and the rest of his team. The stakes get even higher when the samples that Kira stole from the lab turn out to be related to a secret project involving shifters like Jaxon and his team, but the members of Alpha Pack are determined to get to the bottom of things -- no matter how high the price might be ...

I liked the idea of Alpha Pack, and it was interesting to read about the world and headquarters that Tyler has created for her characters, along with the various creatures that she populates it with.

Kira and Jaxon are both likable enough characters, as are the other members of Alpha Pack, and there's some amusing banter in places, especially between the guys. However, I thought that Kira accepted the idea of shapeshifters and everything else that she encounters way too easily, and I thought the pack accepted and trusted her way too easily as well. Basically, Kira almost immediately becomes part of the pack's inner circle. That just didn't seem all that believable to me, since the group is supposed to be so secretive and tight-knit.

Also, I would have liked a lot more forward movement on the conspiracy plot. Kira and Jaxon figure out that someone is trying to create a breed of super-shifters, but there are definitely more questions than answers at the end of the book, which I thought was frustrating.

Overall, this book didn't work for me, but if you like paranormal romance with shapeshifters, you might want to give it a shot.
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