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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Okay so,......I don't really know how I want to start off this review other than this...... me this book dragged the most out of the series. Don't get me wrong, as being somewhat a 'fan's ( if you can even call it that) of the series I must say that I am most disspleased in this book. Though I care for Bella to some degree like many others her whinnyness get old REALLY fast.

I mean, sure I know a lot of terns go through it hard but I don't think I have heard of someone going through depression THIS bad.....but hey stuff like this does doesn't make it right but often times when our loved ones leave us we become weak and vulnerable. A huge thing that I feel a lot of people miss out of this book is that NOT only did Edward leave her but Alice did to and the rest of the Cullens. I.e. the only "people" Bella typically ( exculding her parents) that she felt a real connection to we mythical monsters... don't ask me why because that is just the way she is.... back to my point which is really that her depression wasn't nessidarily JUST "Edward I miss you and cannot live without you." Though that WAS A BIG part but rather her whole "family"/ " the only people she felt connected to" was abandoned her. And I CAN AND WILL prove it. When Edward is leaving her in the forest she asks where Alice is.....that proves my point because she still is ALSO tied to Alice as a friend or sister.

.........proof of my other point being that she feels connected to mythical monsters is Jacob whom helps her et through her depression. If it weren't for Jacob than Bella would have already killed herself when she dove from the Clifton since there would be no Jacob to save her.

Now, Bella made some pretty STUPID choices but still I feel as if she is not a complete idiot, at least NOT all the time. Maybe that is because I ( just me here) feel a connection to her. .....well one thing I am proud of her for is she doesn't melt all in Jacobs hands when she realizes he Like Likes her. She doesn't need him to make her feel fine inside because in a way ( call it what you will) no one could replace Edward. She "loves" Edward (feel free to argue but let me ask you if she didn't really LOVE Edward then why wouldn't she fall for Jacob? And if you anwser has "attraction" in it I am going to ignore it)....point being that she loves Edward alone and no one can take his place. A normal hormonal tern would get over Edward and take a chance on Jacob. Someone who really loved Edward wouldn't be able to get over him that fast ( again this is strictly what I feel...

The plot was slow moving but then again it IS a ROMANCE novel. If it were a ADVENTURE novel the plot what have been better devolped.

( lost my thoughts. This review is still going to be edited)

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