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The Hollow by Jessica Verday
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this book is about Abbey whom her best friend has died and she sees this mysterious new weird guy at the ceremony of the funreal and it breathing taking because she knows he didnt know Kristen (her best friend that died) and it appears he keeps coming up in her life and she cant figure him out.
there are many reasons i loved this book. one is that Abbey was easy to realte to and though many people will probably say she si whiney after he friend died she is defianlty not a Mary Sue (the snobby girls hate her, she is more of a loner and dosent realy get into the 'popular' group like Elana did from Vampire Diaries. she goes through a long grieving process but it is resaonble for what she is going through.

this book is so gothic with the cenetary that it had me captivated. the parts at the graveyard were detailed and nothing was ever boring, and i am a tough critic so that says a lot.

The romance was great, it wasnt like 'sappy, sappy, sappy,' like in Evermore. It was slower paced but I must admit that I amsurprised it had such a low rating. The romance is more like a plot of the side which I liked.

I honestly think that Abbey is one of my favorite heroines EVER. She is stubborn but hard working, down to earth and strong willed but she seemed like your everyday goth girl. She wasn't a witch or a Sue and she wasn't arragant. She had a certisn way that she narrated that felt normal and wonderfully written. Several times I had to double and triple check to see if it was under as a YA novel because it seemed so well written.

I liked how Abbey had the cemeterey to go and relax and the way she described the area made it feel so full of like that I could picture it perfectly.

The older minor charaecters were so different and intruging......

Throughout the entire novel there was NOT a dull moment. This book had me on the edge of my seat.

Caspian was one of the few male leads in PR that is NOT a Gary Stu......he was so interestng, he was a good charecter but not flat and dull like stefen from vampire diaires and damen from evermore. he had his own persoanality.
this book had a good blot unlike Evermore and Firelight and Fallen. the book sucked me in.
if you dislike books like Everore, Firelight, Vampire Diaires, and even Fallen i think that you will like this one

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