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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis
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Aug 17, 11

Recommended for: everyone-Christians, theologians, fantasy lovers, children, teens, adults
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Not particularly being very traditional, this was the very first book of the Narnia series I picked up. I'd already seen the movies that had come out & was already a fan. I remember once years ago I claimed that though I loved the Chronicles of Narnia films, I would never want to read the books. Boy was I stupid for saying such a dastardly thing! I only picked up this book because I needed something good to read & wanted to see what the books were like, so it was kind of a casual thing. Honestly, it didn't take long for me to truly enjoy the style in which C.S. Lewis graces the pages of his books! The story is easy to understand, and very easy to picture in my mind. I grew fond of the characters, even the obnoxious Eustace. Above all, what I enjoyed the most while reading this novel were all the parallels between the plot & Christianity. I had heard of certain things about Narnia, how the Lion represents Christ & the witch Jadis the Devil. Well, I never really understood how or why they were connected, until I read this book. In this particular adventure in Narnia, Lucy, her brother Edmund, and their brat of a cousin Eustace are called into Narnia for the 3rd time (Eustace, his 1st). They're taken on this whirlwind journey with Prince Caspian (although, I think he is a King now) as they journey through the Eastern seas, searching for Prince Caspian's father's friends. Back to why I enjoyed this so much- being a Roman Catholic Christian, I almost immediately understood the Christian parallels near the end of the children's journey, especially when they are made to go on alone in the small boat, and Caspian is to return to his land. The children meet with Aslan the Great Lion in a place where there is a great wall of water. The Lion explains that this will be the children's last venture in the land of Narnia, and that He is known in their world by another name. The reason the children were brought to Narnia in the first place, was to know Him there, so that they may know Him better in their world. Really, all I felt while reading this was pure zeal & passion for my faith, because the Lion is God the Father, calling upon His children to learn about Him & get to know Him more. I'd read this more than half a year ago, so my memory of distinct details of this book's happenings are quite fuzzy. All I know is that when I went to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader in theatres, tears were brought to my eyes when I saw the depiction of this riveting scene. These books are in themselvs enjoyable, but if one truly understands the deeper meaning lying beneath the words, then will one truly come to appreciate these books as I have.

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