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The Umbrella Academy, Vol.1 by Gerard Way
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Where to begin? Umbrella Academy was spectacular. Absolutely magnificent. Gerard Way (the story writer) is supremely talented, whether in his musical works, art, or comic writing. I don't know that much about Gabriel Ba (illustrator), but I'll have to look up more of his stuff, because I love the artwork in the comic. Everything about it was fantastic.
I'm not a comic person (never have been) so it's a miracle that I tried and liked Umbrella Academy. The story line was complicated (in a good way) and well thought out. It's confusing at first, but when you figure it out, and all the puzzle pieces snap into place when the lightbulb goes on over your head, you can really see what I mean. I can honestly admit I could never have done a comic or book that amazing.
My favorite characters out of it were 00.05 and The Seance. Number Five was funny the entire time. His character becomes much more intricate in Volume 2, but you can still tell he's funny and dark from the first issue. The Sceance is also funny. He's random and witty and a clown, but still slightly responsible. Unfortunately, no one I know has ever read Umbrella Academy, so when they ask me my favorite super hero and I say "Number Five," the first thing they think of is problem that annoying show Code Name Kid's Next Door. Ugh I hated that show. But anyway, my point is that it doesn't get enough credit!
I hear they're making it into a movie some time in 2012, so I am definitely looking forward to next year!
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