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Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
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** spoiler alert ** I can honestly say it was better than I'd thought it'd be. I looked at the back of it, and I just shook my head. It was only pure curiosity that made me read it. Really, I hate the cover. But that's besides the point. So, I gave it a chance and it was actually okay-ish.

No, okay-ish is not a synonym for good. It means borderline screw-this-shit and fine-whatever. I have some serious problems with this book.

First of all, Kylie was freakin irritating as hell. She was so close-minded and stubborn and worst of all---in denial. I absolutely despise characters in denial.

Example of Stupidity #1: Kylie is in denial about being a Ghost Whisperer

Let's see. She talked to a dead man. She has three dozen people telling her she's a ghost whisperer. She's seen a girl poof a frog in and out of existence. She has night terrors about the dead guy. She saw a boy turn into a UNICORN. A GODDAMN UNICORN!

No. There's no way Kylie can possibly be special. That stuff just doesn't exist.

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Example of Stupidity #2 : She doesn't like Derek.

Holy Jebus, Kylie. You are dumb. This non-pervert, nice, cute, caring guy likes you and all you can do is stay away from him and tell him no? What the hell? Do you really think a better opportunity is going to come along? Especially for someone as whiny and burdening as you?

Example of Stupidity #3: Goths are, like, sooooo weird! The freaks!

Omigawd, did you see that chick? She was wearing all black, even nailpolish! What hell is wrong with them? They're probably, like, depressed or some stupid shit like that. LOLz. Look, now she's hanging out with the other freaks over there. I'm so happy I'm me and not them. I can't imagine how it must feel to be a social outcast. I'd rather trade my dog than ever be stuck with those freaks! LMAOz, I bet they're, like, suicidal or something. Ahaha, weirdos.

Kylie, you close-minded moron, you.

Example of Stupidity #4: Can't... Resist.... Trey...

So let me get this straight---The dude dumped you, dated a "slut", and then came to your closet of a bedroom to have sex with you? And you ALLOW THIS? I would've bitch-slapped that douchebag hard enough to leave a dent in his face! What the hell!

Example of Stupidity #5: Everything.

I really, realy hate Kylie. She's an overall moron and really deserves a slap in the face for her views on "Goth" and "emo" people. I don't know what Derek sees in her.

The bad guy kind of took me by surprise. The villain ended up being a person who was mentioned about two times throughout the entire book. It wasn't a whodunit at all. It was a Nancy Drew with a side of angst.

Really annoying, pessimistic, I'm-too-good-for-you, I-miss-my-jackass-of-a-boyfriend kind of angst.
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Kelly Ewy Have you read shadow falls after dark, reborn. Because if you continue reading the series her attitude changes significantly.

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