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My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow
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Sep 12, 2011

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The most important thing I learned while reviewing this book for my site, katecooksthebooks.com, was that people hate Gwyneth Paltrow. Way out of proportion, if you ask me. They find it to be highly insulting that someone from a priveledged background, who, they believe, has led a completely charmed life, would have the audacity to say anything about cooking.

All of that somehow made me more determined to find out if her recipes worked and her book was worth buying (or at least checking out of the library).

And in my estimation, it is! Some of her dishes are merely servicable (Playwright's Melt, for instance, is just cheese melted on an english muffin with olives. If you think that's a recipe let me introduce you to the Potato Chip Sandwich) but some are wonderful (veggie burgers, turkey sausage, white bean soup, Lalo's Famous Cookies). She has her nutty food biases and unsubstatiated dogmas (beef and pork are always inhumane but duck and chicken are treated with dignity and respect at all times) but for the most part she's not trying to proselytize.
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Jane A "charmed life" is not having your father die of cancer within a few days of your thirtieth birthday. The point of the cookbook is about "family and togetherness" which if I remember correctly is directly on the front cover. The book was not, is not, and never was, promoted as anything other than easy recipes to make with family. Your "shove them down your throat" comment considering her father died of throat cancer is a bit much wouldn't you agree?

Katecooksthebooks Jane, I believe you are misunderstanding my review. I do not agree with people who think she is priveledged and, even if she was, does that mean she has nothing to say about cooking? Or family? I was not aware that Bruce Paltrow died of throat cancer or I would not have used that particular phrase. My review of her book was overall very positive and several people have clicked through to buy it from my site. I have been very enthusiastic about many of the dishes I made from this book. Given the fact that the vast majority of people were ready to dismiss the whole project without so much as opening the book I feel like I've done a service to Ms. Paltrow more than anything.

Jane I did not misunderstand your view. I disagree with the manner in which you wrote it. If you had actually read this cookbook, you would have known about her father. I suggest reading page 122, the entire page tells the story of her last days with him along with many other pages (the introduction) filled with memories. I also wanted to address your meat comments. Her father was Jewish (also in the book), which may help you understand her lean towards fish & fowl, the page dedicated to salt scrubs, and the family brisket recipes(red meat all traces of blood removed). Maybe an even greater service could be shown to Ms. Paltrow by reading the entire book.

Katecooksthebooks Ok, you win!

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