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Church of Lies by Flora Jessop
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Oct 22, 2011

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A friend of mine once reviewed a book that was an auto-biography and said that it was hard to give it a star rating because it was the person who wrote the book's personal story. I agree, and didn't quite know how to rate this book. It held me and kept me reading all day (also I was on a layover in Montreal on a rainy cold day, so staying in the hotel room seemed really nice! :) ).

I believe fully what Flora writes about the FLDS and how they brainwash their followers into believing what they do. I think that it is a horrible thing, when a child grows up with abuse thinking it is normal and when they get married to another person who has also been abused (physically, sexually, emotionally) as a child that the cycle will continue.

I find it really scary when a religion has one person who is thought to be a god, and that one person is the only one who can hear or discern God's will/voice, especially when they control the whole cults money and land (in the case of the FLDS {Fundamentalist Church of Later Day Saints} through the UEP or United Effort Plan, which holds all the deeds to the land as well as get's a tithe of I believe 10% of the cult followers money).

I find the FLDS and Mormonism really interesting, and I have read a lot of books about both the past and how the religion started as well as about the extreme cult that it has become (the FLDS, not so much modern Mormonism).

Flora's story is written in a way that makes you understand the unhappiness that she lived with, and the terror of getting out. So often we think, "why don't these women just leave?". But what we forget is that this is all these women know! They have been brainwashed from birth almost that women are nothing without their husbands, that the outside world is evil and that if they don't follow the prophet they will go to hell! If you look at it like that, the outside world is really not someplace you want to go to, even if your home life is hell itself!

Another way the FLDS keeps their women (and men) in 'bondage' is through lack of education. I believe the normal length of education is up until gr. 8, and even that is taught in a FLDS school, so more brainwashing can take place.

I have read the auto-biography of other 'escapees" like Carolyn Jessop, and I was left with a feeling that they have laid their demons to rest, however, as much as it seems like Flora is trying to get over it (and she has done some amazing avocation work for getting others out, which is great!) I felt sad for her. That she is still suffering and angry, and still searching for something...

I hope that since this book has been written that she has found peace in her life! That she has been able to continue with her advocacy work, but that she has laid the horrible demons that have followed her since childhood to rest!

Thank you to Flora Jessop for telling her story.
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Good review!

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