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Dying Bites by DD Barant
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Aug 20, 11

This book is AMAZING! If you like paranormal/urban fiction, you have to read this!!!
Jace Valcheck is an FBI profiler, which I know has been done before. What is different is that she is pulled into a parallel universe, where humans are a dying race. Vampires, or hemovores, and werewolves, or the politically correct, Lycanthorpe dominate the Earth in this world. And then there are the golems, or Mineral-Americans, as Jace's partner, Charlie prefers to be called. Jace has to locate a killer who is broadcasting his murders on the Internet.
This book is wickedly funny. Between the PC comments and Jace's great sense of humor, there were times when I actually laughed at loud. There are cultural misunderstandings along the way that also provide some humor (Ebay is actually a porn site for werewolves in this universe).
Barant also does some great social commentary without preaching. No one in this parallel world has ever seen a gun or a bomb for that matter. Everyone is in awe of Jace's weaponary and see it as a curiosity rather than a tool used for destruction.
My only complaint about the book is that it seems that just about every male character wants to hook up with Jace. There are 3 different males vying for her affection,which seems over the top, to say the least. I just wanted to yell: Pick a species and stay with them!

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