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25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom by Alan Moore
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Aug 16, 2011

really liked it
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Alan Moore's superb writing will make it difficult for the reader to stop unearthing the content of this book. I read it from beginning to end without stopping. Many of those who are familiar with Moore's work will know this to be true.
Moore's main point is that sexually permissive cultures are preferable compared to the more sexually restrictive cultures of the past and the present. Exemplified in 19th century Victorian contraptions that intend to hurt swelling penises in order to avoid onanism, or even arousal for that manner, these cultures are the actual perpetrators of perversity, not the ones who are more liberal in their attitude towards sexuality.
Moore's plea is one of a return of art into eroticism, a true ars erotica. The Venus of Willendorf as the primal expression of fertility, but also of sexuality, is proof of our longing for the combination of naked flesh and art. Even though sex is ubiquitous in Western society, it is either a strategy to associate a certain commodity with arousal, or it belongs to the shady corners of private life. Left to our own devises, we can either masturbate or copulate with another, still with the watchful eye of the taboo above us. Pornography, one mouse-click away, is still a scurrilous ghetto of the wretched and far from anything an aspiring artist would want to meddle with.
By advocating a renaissance of eroticism/pornography in the arts as a remedy for our self-loathing attitude towards sex, Alan Moore hopes to appeal to the individual artist as the spearhead of a movement that might shatter the cliche that sexual openness brings with it or is even synonymous with decadence and societal downfall.
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Tyler Below Thank you for writing an intelligent, lucid and unbiased review! Most reviews on this essay and topic are tinted with the biases or lack of deep understanding of such a topic. Gratitude for your words ●○•°

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