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Indelible by Lani Woodland
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Oct 26, 11

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Let's be clear about one thing I wasn't a huge fan of Intrinsical but Indelible just blew me away. It's wasn't that I didn't enjoy Intrinsical but it didn't leave any lasting impression, though it was thrilling enough to make me want to read the next book. I am sure glad I did because otherwise I would have missed a very interesting and exciting read. Indelible had a number of things going for it. It follows a number of plots concurrently that you feel like there is never a dull moment. Exciting moments follow one after the other which makes reading the book equal to taking a wild joy ride. All the twists and turns are highly innovative and fresh. Most of the concepts encountered in this book are original. Hats off to the author for coming up with some great story lines and intriguing plot twists. All the characters in this book are likable and interesting. I loved Yara. She is way more confident and strong than she was in the first book and that brought about a whole new side to her character that I found charming. Most of all she is not driven by emotions and has a brain which she uses. Brent is amazing. For a 18 year old he is perfectly level headed and mature. It was refreshing to read a love story in a YA novel that lacked the usual tensions and complications. When the new character DJ was introduced I was preparing myself for the tiresome love triangle concept that usually followed but thank god that path was left undisturbed. Good friends also go a long way in making a story strike and the characters of Cheri and Steven were good enough. But the thing that made me extremely happy was the fact that the author included Yara's Vovo in this book. When I read about her in Intrisical I pictured her as a great mentor whose wisdom would come in handy but was seriously disappointed when she didn't show up. But the author more than made up for it in this book which is highly satisfying. Even though this book was a great read there were some things that felt out of place. For one thing Yara had disclosed to a number of people that she could see and communicate with ghosts and I am not talking about just her immediate friends. And they all seem to accept this fact. I had to read twice to make sure, when I encountered a line where Yara says that it is common knowledge in her school that she can see ghosts and I kept thinking,"What??and they don't think its weird"because she sure didn't say anything about people treating her like a freak. Another thing is how is it that a student with a bruise on her neck that looks like some one tried to strangle her ends up in the doctor's office and no one cares enough to report it or make her go for counseling. The more unbelievable of this is the fact that this incident happened after her room was ransacked and she filed a complaint that some unknown group was spying on her. For all her talk about not wanting to be considered a freak for her walker abilities she sure is very casual in letting the fact slip to any one who questions her, even lightly. Taking in to consideration the bigger picture all this can be easily over looked as they are only minor flaws in an otherwise great book. Lani Woodland has my vote for being the kind of an author who can write a climax that is aggreable and yet manages to keep you hooked to make you want to read more. I would suggest this book to all those who have read Intrisical . If you have not read Intrisical then I would suggest you to read it just so you can read Indelible cause this is one book that should not be missed.
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