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Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
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Feb 02, 15

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Read from August 16 to 18, 2011

Discovery: I first saw this book on Goodreads, and that sighting was quickly followed by mentions on Publisher’s Weekly and book blogs.

+ Voice. The story is told through alternating chapters, focusing on Lochan, then Maya. Despite the differences in age and temperament, Lochan and Maya’s voices are complementary. Lochan’s fears and anxieties are a well-placed foil for Maya’s calm, ethereal nature and together they unravel a devastating story of love. I was also enchanted by Tiffin and Willa, and Kit’s story is just as harrowing to read about as Lochan’s.

+ Themes. I’m sure there are readers who will pick this book up simply for the controversial subject matter. Incest is still one of the great taboos in a society that has used sex to advertise everything from cars to musical instruments. When the topic is hinted at, there is an automatic wince, a refusal to hear more, a need to protect oneself from the knowledge of it. Forbidden doesn’t shy away from that reaction. Both Lochan and Maya are aware of the consequences of what they are doing, almost as much as they know they need each other. The question posed to readers is this: Was it really worth it in the end?

Too much of a good thing is always bad, including love. Was it really love or simply a “sick” need for affection? The power in this novel comes from the uncertainty it stirs up in its readers. We feel deeply for Lochan and Maya and we want to see them happy. After everything that happens in this book, who wouldn’t? But how far would we be willing to go to afford them that happiness? Is it really for us to decide? Can that kind of love exist between two people who never asked to be born into the same family? Forbidden challenges its readers to hear the voices of two children who are caught in circumstances they cannot control, who are making decisions we may not understand or approve of, and that is all. It’s enough.

Recommendations: Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t include any negative points. I rarely do this, but I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this novel. It was emotionally scarring, in the best way, and I will definitely buy a copy of my own to read and reread. While I would recommend this novel to everyone I know, the fact remains that it contains mature scenes and young teens should read this with a parent’s guidance.

Rating: Excellent.

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