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The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron
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A book talk from grad school:

Lucky Trimble has not experienced a lot of luck in her ten years. She has never met her dad, who left before she was born, and she lost her mom two years ago in a freak accident. Now she lives with her French guardian, Brigitte, in a small town on the edge of the Californian desert, where she has one of the only paying jobs in town, cleaning up the Found Object Wind Chime Museum and Visitor Center after twelve-step meetings. Eavesdropping on the recovering drinkers, smokers, and gamblers, Lucky hears about how they each found their Higher Power, and aspires to find her own: “Being ten and a half, Lucky felt like she had no control over her life—partly because she wasn’t grown up yet—but that if she found her Higher Power it would guide her in the right direction” (p. 5). Lucky knows that you need to hit rock bottom before your Higher Power will reveal itself to you, but she’s pretty sure that will happen soon -- she is sure that the homesick Brigitte will decide to return to France any day now, and dump Lucky in an orphanage without her beloved dog, HMS Beagle. When Lucky finds what she considers proof of Brigitte’s impending departure, she takes drastic action. Read The Higher Power of Lucky to discover what Lucky does, and whether she succeeds in taking control of her life.

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