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The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer
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Aug 15, 2011

really liked it
Recommended to Doriana by: Middle school Librarian
Recommended for: older children/ YA
I own a copy , read count: 4

I read the Sea of Trolls for the first time in grade six, soo probably 2005/2006. I came across it by way of my school librarian to whom I had been complaining that I had been having trouble finding YA novels that appealed to me after falling in love with adult writers (my teachers very much disapproved of my choice of novels for silent reading, what they had against people like Brenda joyce and Dean Kootnz is beyond me, I guess they never read good horror or historical romance.) My librarian gave this to me because he knew that I was interested in history but hadn't really read anything at the time about the Viking era.
I loved this book because I learned a lot reading it, which I always think is the best way to learn, by way of a good story. I haven't read it in a few years but I will always remember that it got me interested in different religions. At the time my family was slowly changing from Christian to Wicca. I loved the fact that Wicca was very earthy and ancient and I really developed an interest in religion, at the time mostly other sort of forgotten/not very popular nowadays religions such as roman/greek/egyptian, but had never really known much about Viking beliefs.
Anyways religion isn't the main focus of the book, though it does play a good sized role. I thought that Nancy Farmer did an excellent job making the story come to life, I felt like the characters were captivating and I definitely recall staying up all night because I couldn't find a place to stop for want to finish out the story. I thought that this book was a good length, it was long enough to finish what needed to be finished but still leave you looking forward to another book in the series. It was chunky enough in size for me( I had a thing for big books back then, like reading small books was a bad thing) and ever since reading it I have referred it to friends.
However I have to point out that I LOVED this book as a 12 yr old. I wouldn't say that I love it quite so much now, though it still sits on my favourites bookshelf at home mostly for sentimentality, but also because I genuinely think it's a very good book. If ever I have children I think this will be something that I will be happy to pluck off the shelf and let them read/read with them when they are around the age I first read it, depending on what sorts of things they enjoy reading. (I was reading V.C Andrews with my mother around that time, not to mention I was obsessed with horror, so I can't say that I thought it was especially violent, I thought it was true to the time set of the story but for someone not used to reading about violence it could be a bit frightening.)
All in all I would give it a read, the whole series in fact though I don't remember reading the other books, I am sure that they are good just like this one.
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