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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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I am absolutely at loss for how to explain just how much I adore this book.

It all started when I went to the library to pick up Shift. My sister decided to take her sweet old impossibly long time picking something out, so I was left to wander the aisles and stare at book spines. I could've just started reading Shift, but I love torturing myself with suspense.
I made my way down the shelf, laughing at covers and dorky melodramatic blurbs, until I finally found one that was actually a little bit interesting. It was this pretty, burgundy and pink spine with Die for Me laced in black design. I was like, Heyyyy, this is actually kind of awesome looking. So look at the cover and OF COURSE there's a picture of a girl in a dress. I will never understand the appeal of girls in dresses on book covers. It's just weird.
So that made me kind of irritated, but I read the back anyway. It sounded original, nice. My sister finally picked out some Star Wars book and we checked out and left.
I started reading it as soon as I got home, again delaying reading Shift a bit masochistically.
Best. Book-pwn. EVER.
I was up till four in the morning (not exaggerating---I'm basically nocturnal anymore) desperate to get to the last page, screaming "No, Kate!"s and "OMG NO. WAY"s when necessary. I didn't stop for a snack break once, which is saying something because since I get bored easily I generally find myself sitting in the kitchen without remembering how I got there. And I could not put it down.

I still have not returned Die for Me. I just keep renewing it. It's just that feeling of reassurance you have when you know that you have something on hand in case you need it. I think I have comparatively large excerpts of the books memorized by now.
The bad part is, I can't pick a favorite character. See, that's good and bad. The good thing about it is that all of the characters have such redeeming qualities that I can't favor some over others, and I can't constantly gush to my friends endlessly about awesome things that my favorites do. The bad is that now I have a raging conflict going on in my mind, forcing me to pick a person I like the most, just because my brain hates me.

Really, really hates me.

This story had sword fighting. Yeah, that's right. sword fighting. How awesome is that? Since when to YA romances have battle axes and super ninja costumes and secret societies? NEVER! That's when! Amy Plum deserves a gold star and a cookie for that. Cause everyone loves cookies
Even more with the originality of the story---Vincent has loved before!!!! YAY!!! Every time I read a book, the male protagonist has never laid eyes on a girl before this sudden, sweeping romance. But that's not here now, is it? Vincent was about to get engaged to Helene when she was killed by drunk German soldiers. How brutal is that? So at least Vincent has a reason to be cold and mysterious, not like other men in books who are dark and intriguing just for the heck of it. Vincent has a backstory.

Same with Kate: She has a reason to be a loner. Her parents are dead, all of the sudden, no warning .Don't you think that could seriously mess up a sixteen year old's life? According to Kate, she doesn't want to get too close or dependent on anyone again because if something happens to that person, it'll rip her up even more. Hence the no-friends status. She's not by herself just because of poor social status or a fight gone wrong. She has a good reason to not be besties with everyone she meets.

Basically, the characters personalities are well defined and make sense. It's not like, Oh! This girls sad because she's just naturally shy! No. That doesn't work. That's the kind of description that an outsider would label unto someone else. But when your reading a book from first person pov, you better know why that person is shy. You, playing the character, deserve a better description than "I just don't like people." No, you need "I can't stand being in crowded places because I'm claustrophobic and it makes me feel suffocated." You need a real reason.

And I finally found a book that has it! Thank God!

What's really awesome is that this book really is fascinating. People call things fascinating all the time and not really mean it one but. If you really meant it, you'd be looking some things up or finding pictures or at least going to the author's website! This book made me want to move to Paris---and trust me, I before had no desire to go to France, considering I am positively terrible at French. But after I read this, I was on Google Images looking at Pon des Arts and the locks on the gates, trying to see Kate and Vincent on it.

I have nver been so wrong when judging a book by it's cover in. my. LIFE. I am dying to read the sequel.

Brava, Amy Plum. You have my respect.

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Carolina Nunes I'm going to read it now! just because of your review.

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