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Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler
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Note: I read this book in July 2011, so don't feed me to the wolves if I forget something like a name or whatever, okay? I still remember enough to re-review it.

I'll be honest, I don't have a very long attention span. If there is not something interesting going on or the pacing is too slow, chances are, I'll put it down. That was almost the case with this book. Instead though, I flipped through the 200 something pages where nothing happens, lightly skimming over it in case I miss anything important, and read the end. And I understood it completely.

See, it's not a good thing if your climax makes complete sense without reading the rest of the book first. That means that the rest of the plot was unnecessary, and can make people feel like they're wasting their time. Which is exactly what happened to me. There was, I think, maybe two scenes that came before the end of the book that I actually found interesting. Otherwise, I forced myself to page 20 and then just skipped.

The characters supremely pissed me off, as well. (With one exception.) Missy would not shut the hell up about her ex-boyfriend, and how much she hates her ex-boyfriend, and oh how she shouldn't have dated her ex-boyfriend. And then, the first chance she gets, you know what she does?

She strips for him.

And then feels betrayed when she finds out it was all a prank.

Okay, you obviously know this dude is a total douchebag. You have told me every friggin' two pages about what a jerk, player, asshole, and con he is. So why, in god's name do you try to have sex with him because he says something nice to you? And then have the nerve to feel betrayed when the asshole (who we all knew was an asshole from the start!) humiliates you?

It was just pathetic.

I'm guessing we were supposed to feel bad for her because she cut herself. Or maybe that was just used as a plot device. Or to show how much she loved Adam or whatever the hell his name was. But I was just like, No, I'm not going to feel any sympathy for you being upset about your sad-excuse-for-an-ex-boyriend. If he'd been a really amazing boyfriend that you thought you were going to be with forever or something, maybe I could understand that. But as far as I'm concerned, this douche is not worth your time. He doesn't seem to have any good qualities, or even any selfless deeds, so I don't even get what there is to miss.

Honestly, if she was that upset over him, she could have just gotten revenge. Give him an I-Ain't-Even-Mad! attitude when he walks by, egg his car, something like that---But letting him know she was upset was probably the worst thing she could have done.

I know there were some other reasons for her depression (cat dying + her holding said cat as it died = she killed the cat. (???)) but all of them were either unreasonable or just didn't stick in my memory. But from all that I can tell---Missy was totally overreacting to her jerkwad boyfriend.

This is making me annoyed all over again. Changing the subject.

One day Death suddenly knocks on her door. Literally. He was pretending to be a delivery dude, but he was Death. My reaction to this: WTH? First of all, why is he coming to her house? Second of all, why is he coming to her house? Why was she the chosen one? I haven't seen her do a single strong or dignified thing, so why has Death chosen her to be an Immortal?


Then we have Famine, who I also had problems with. She was super bitchy to Missy, which I'm totally okay with, because Missy angered me. But Famine's reasoning for hating Missy?

War and Famine never get along. They hate each other. (Not her exact words but pretty close from what I can remember.)

Yes. Let's all just hate each other because of what our ancestors thought. Do you know where we would be today if we just hated people because we're supposed to? Countries would be killing each other, races would never speak, there would be fights breaking out at school every day---and humanity would have made no progress whatsoever.

She doesn't even give her a chance. (Not that that would change anything, seeing as to how infuriating Missy was.) She just decides to hate her.

Great characters we have here, right?


And according to Death, (or maybe it was Famine that said it *shrug*) Conquest or whatever his name was (I think it started with a P) was insane. Insane Immortals. Let's just all stop and think about this for a minute: These are basically gods. They can manipulate the world around them and disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. They have the power to destroy the Earth.

And you're telling me that they can be affected with a human disorder?


In the end, the only one I didn't want to strangle was Death. He was awesome. I can't even remember why exactly I thought he was awesome, but that I really like him. He was funny. Or sarcastic. Whichever. And he played Nirvana on the guitar.

How epic is it to see the grim reaper playing Nirvana and singing?

He is the only reason this book got two stars and not one. Everyone else pissed me off and the plot moved too slowly and unnecessarily to keep me at all entertained. And the climax was kind of random, too.

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Brooke Nirvana (epic) + the grim reaper (also epic) = yeah, pretty epic.

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