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Slow Man by J.M. Coetzee
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Aug 14, 2011

it was ok
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I SURRENDER. A friend recommended this book and I took it out of the library about 2300 times, meaning to read it, never getting around to it because ones I was more excited about always took precedence. Finally this last time I resolved I would read the damn thing before I turned it in again.

And at first I was into it. Interesting. Story about an older dude who loses a leg in a bicycle accident and let's just say he doesn't have the best attitude about it. Then he falls for his home care nurse (a Croatian named Marijana, which I take it is pronounced Mariana), which is also interesting.

Then all of a sudden some other woman shows up and it gets weird and like Adaptation/magical realism-y, but not in a good way and not in a way that the previous 100 (or whatever) pages lead you to believe was going to be happening. This woman seems to be a symbol for the author himself (although yes he is a him), but basically is a 'writer' who somehow just 'shows up' and 'knows everything about the main character.' I don't know why I'm putting those things in quotes, as they aren't quotes but more summations although she says a lot of stuff about it.

But anyhow, look, I loved Adaptation and Charlie Kauffman's magnificent mindfuckery as much as the next person, but you know from moment one with him that things are over your head and nutty. You know what terrain you're in. This one, not so much. You're going along with a normal, interesting story about a pissed off amputee and then suddenly things totally go off a cliff to 'random woman shows up, no explanation, just decides so stay, he never asks her to clarify herself, suddenly she's bringing blind chicks he met in the elevator to come pork him and he's not questioning that either, but also going along with it when author lady who says she dreamed of him or he came to her or some shit like that also says he needs to wear a mask and also be blind when blind lady comes' and basically screw that. You can be nutty, you can be normal, but don't you tell me you're going to be normal and then suddenly be something else entirely.

In short, I got sick of it and lost total interest and damn it life is too short and I just got a lot of awesome books for my birthday so I'm going to read them instead. Maybe she's not a faux author deus omniscienta (I made up that phrase, but I like it), who knows. All I know is I got rapidly and dramatically too annoyed to find out. Also, I could use a good boba tea right now. Anyone have any boba tea?

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Karla Washington love your review, ditto from me and said much better than I could. you made me laugh!

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