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The Bright Forever by Lee  Martin
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Aug 14, 2011

bookshelves: 2005
Read in October, 2005

This story definitely held my attention and I kept reading because I wanted to know what really happened to Katie.

However, there were a few elements of the author's style of writing that I didn't care for - for example, it started out by Mr. Dees saying this is his story and he would be telling it when actually it is told by several of the characters and the author. I think I would have preferred just hearing from the characters and would have incorporated the background the author thought necessary in his chapters into memories or flashbacks of the characters. I would have liked to have had more from the character of Raymond R. Wright directly to get a better understanding of his point of view. I also thought the characters of Patsy and Gilley were under-developed - I wanted to able to identify with someone sympathetic in the book and it was difficult.

Another thing I really didn't like much was the "taunting" by Mr. Dees to the readers on a couple occasions to "decide for yourself and quit or continue reading the story now" - this seemed out-of-character for Mr. Dees and I felt like this was just a writer's ploy to encourage the reader to stick with the book. It made me think that maybe the author has doubts that his tale is holding my interest and is resorting to a last ditch effort to retain readership.

I think the author's depiction of a small Indiana town in the 60's was a little rosy but I liked the contrast between the Heights and the Gooseneck areas of town. I wanted to know more about the "hold" the glassworks had on the local economy and culture.
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