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The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan
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Aug 14, 2011

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I enjoyed this book and read it quite quickly. My first thoughts were gratitude that I grew up in such a sheltered environment, since the author is very open about the raging hormones and mild drug use he experienced as a teenager... it's a little scary to think of sending our sweet daughters out into a world that can be so ungodly... to think they can lose something as precious as purity to someone who is just physically and hormonally anxious to make it happen! Thank goodness most of these young men are not suave, charming, and cunning enough to do anything about it. Based on the early admissions of raging hormones and sensual thoughts... I thought there would be much more sex and much earlier. I was relieved that was not the case, and that sex turned out to be a pretty minor theme.

I was surprised by the experience John Grogan had at the age of 7 while mentally undressing a nun... I didn't realize things worked like that for 7 year olds!

It's very interesting to see the huge difference between Catholics who practice and hold dear their religion, and those who are Catholics in name only.

As another reviewer expressed, it has always been hard to understand why people (Mr. Grogan included) take the Lord's name so lightly as it seems particularly disrespectful for non-believers and undisciplined or rebellious when done by believers. Unfortunately, it's a cultural phenomenon that is here to stay. That always brings down the rating at least a star for me as it brings down the quality of the writing.

I was happy to see things turn out well for Mr. Grogan... that even though he never seemed to be a person who was blessed with the gift of faith, he nevertheless seemed to have some really good values (commitment to family and work, love of animals, conscience, devotion to parents, etc.).

The book was full of noteworthy stories, mostly funny, some poignant. I'd say it was a pretty good read.


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