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Logan's Run by William F. Nolan
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This is a book I have been searching for, but was having trouble finding at the used book shops. I have always wanted to read it and to my great surprise, recieved it from my parents on my 25th birthday. It is the 1976 version with the silly picture insert of movie images. To say I was thrilled is a drastic understatement. In fact, no words can come close to describing the nerd-uphoria I felt. It took me very little time to read the tiny book, but it was quite the adventure and I would love to see them make a technologically advanced film version that actually matches the book instead of the weird 70's one.

Logan's Run takes place in the not so distant future of 2116. There is rumor that one man, Ballard, is the oldest living man at age 42 which is twice the normal lifespan of 21. The new America is goverened by the young and moderated by an implant in the palm that signals when their life will end. Once the implant turns black, the person must voluntarily embrace the big Sleep. This has created runners and the Sandmen are forced to hunt them down and kill them. Logan is a Sandman who embarks on a journey, with a runner named Jessica, in his last 24 hours before his palm implant turns black.

The break neck pace leaves very little time for deep character development, which is the only downside. You get a sense of who Logan is and his inner turmoil, but it isn't spoon fed to us like most novels. We can only see glimpses of Logan is flashback and see his choices to understand who he is. I personally loved it, despite its flaws and give it 4 out of 5 because I wish Logan and Jessica were developed on a deeper level.
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message 1: by Angela (last edited Feb 06, 2012 09:22AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angela I know how you feel about the nerd-uphoria. It's taken me over 2 years to find this book, and even then it's an ebook, so not as special but still made me unbelievably happy to finally be able to read it.

Trendhater73: S. Bledsoe Did you enjoy it? xD

Angela I just finished it last night and I absolutely loved it. Well worth the wait, I'll be putting up my review soon.

Trendhater73: S. Bledsoe Glad to hear it. I look forward to reading your review :-)

Michael T I can't find this book

Trendhater73: S. Bledsoe I've seen it on Amazon, used. But it is very hard to find. Such a bummer too.

Angela My boyfriend found it for me and I have no idea where but it's in pdf format.

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