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The Legacy by Gemma Malley
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Aug 18, 11

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As I read this book, I realized something. It's only the male characters who seem to have a mind for saving everything. Both Sheila and Anna contributed to the story in a way that portrayed them as weak (although Sheila was pretty cunning when she tricked Jude into letting her use his computer). Anna just seemed like a petulant, too-young mother who went into a frenzy when her child(ren) was threatened. Sheila didn't think of the big picture, and wanted only to see her parents again. Understandable, but extremely foolish in a world where bring foolish will get you into trouble you probably can't get out of. I had a weird pity thing going for Peter's mother, but she didn't have to be so clingy, even given the circumstances. I don't recall this kind of thing (I'm not quite sure if it's sexism, per se) in the first two books. Maybe it was there and I was too oblivious to see it.

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The villain. Richard Pincent (another man who has a large impact on the story) is the owner of Pincent Pharma, which you should know if you've read the first two books (and if you haven't, why are you reading this one?). You should really hate him by now. If you don't, you must be as crazy as he is. This man obviously has some kind of crush on Derek Samuels (good for him, I have yet to see a gay man in dystopian fiction) which is a good thing (view spoiler). He also has a mad case of denial when it comes to The Virus.

On a different note, I got freaked out all over again when Molly made the rubbing of Peter's ring. For civilization's sake, I hope she never figures it out.

The plot was well-paced as far as I could tell, and I was surprised, but in the end I began to wonder. I knew (view spoiler). I also suspected how (view spoiler). Oh, look at me. Hiding all these little spoilers from you. Alright, alright, I'll get on with the review. The length for this book seems about right, and I liked the resolutions of all the other characters that took Longevity.

The cover? I don't like it that much. The first two, with the close-ups of Anna's and Peter's faces, seemed more appropriate/completely amazing than this one.

The bottomline? I liked the first one the best, but The Legacy is a satisfying end to a trilogy.

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