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Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
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6 things I thought about Sweetly:

1. Gretel, Gretchen
Gretchen is such an amazing heroine! She aches for the sister she left to the witch, however as the story progresses, she grows stronger and more determined than ever to find out the truth surrounding that years-old mystery. It's her courage and initiative that made me lover her, because she's definitely not just some damsel-in-distress looking for an out of the danger! Instead she races towards it, facing it head-on. She even learns how to shoot a gun.

2. Caaaaandy!
"Behind the glass are bright, ripe pieces of fruit dipped into chocolate—white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dotted with nuts or dusted with cocoa powder."
Sweetly is full to the brim with rich descriptions of mouth-watering delicacies. I swear I could smell the warm chocolaty scent of the chocolatier and taste the lemon tartness Gretchen was experiencing as I was reading this!

3. Sophia Kelly, the Patron Saint of Candy
Sophia is the bubbly, cheerful and carefree owner of the chocolatier, yet there's another side of her that she only lets loose when she thinks she's alone—a huge intense grief. She holds many secrets, and this sadness we see through Gretchen's eyes is enough to lure readers into sympathizing with her. However, as much as I liked Sophia, it's also this knowledge of an obvious secret she's hiding and the constant melancholy we coincidentally happen upon that unfortunately makes the plot fairly easy to eventually map out.

4. She keeps it real!
What I loved most about Pearce's storytelling was how much she kept to the original story of Hansel and Gretel whilst still making it completely unique! There's a lovely balance between the original and the retold that made Sweetly such a pleasant and enjoyable read. You know the story, yet Pearce spins and weaves it into a whole new tale all of it's own!

5. The romance.
I really enjoyed reading about Gretchen and Samuel's relationship—it was sweet, realistic and contained absolutely zero insta-love! While Samuel isn't entirely likable at the beginning, his growing closeness with Gretchen however, will eventually soften you like a melted marshmallow :-)

6. Unless you wait till the end...
...there's honestly not a lot going on. Sweetly is more of a mystery than an action-packer though that's not to say it's boring, because it's definitely far from it! It's not exactly slow-paced, but the real action happens towards the end of the story, and that's when it gets jaw-dropping-ly good. Yet even with the lack of action, the plot still manages to captivate you enough so that the journey towards that thrilling conclusion doesn't seem as long as you might think it to be!

-- in a nutshell
Just like Sophia is the Patron Saint of Candy, Pearce might just be the Patron Saint of retellings! Though it certainly does have it's fault, I fell in love with this new take on Hansel and Gretel Predictable yes, however that doesn't mar the enjoyment level of it and it's still fun to figure out and watch how everything ultimately comes together in the end. Fan of fairytales? The paranormal? Or even just a nice simple, no-nonsense romance? Then I think you'd love this!
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Jackson Pearce
“I should be mad. I should hate her. I should judge her. But there is some madness in love.”
Jackson Pearce, Sweetly

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