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White Cat by Holly Black
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Aug 13, 2011

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Read from May 15 to 21, 2013

Buddy read with Cory and Jenny 15 May 2013.

So, it took me a while to get into this story - it's got a great hook in the beginning, but then it kind of slows down and immerses you in the life of a teen that's just been suspended from school, and is stuck cleaning the house for his mom to come home from prison...

That's where I really lost momentum. Many, many pages of Then this... and Next that... and lists upon lists upon lists of things that have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

I was still invested though because the world is fabulously interesting. Workers - those that can do a specific kind of magic, like Death, Luck, Memory, Emotion, etc - are relatively rare in this world. It's genetic, mostly, and Cassel is born into a worker family but with no touch himself. So he believes.

And there are plenty of twisty turns that the story takes - as Cassel's lost for most of it, so was I. I figured things out pretty much as he was figuring them out, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Especially towards the end.

The ending though. My good lord. That knocked me upside the head and then held me down. Damn!!

Though I did have some problems with this book, and there was a long section of nothing seeming to happen, I'm totally interested in where this goes next. The world's fun, and interesting, and the main character is refreshingly not perfect, and not an asshole.
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Holly Black
“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“You better get over here with my car,” Grandad says. “Before I call the cops and tell them you stole it.”
“Sorry,” I say contritely. Then the rest of what he said sinks in and I laugh.
“Wait, did you just threaten me with calling the police? Because that I’d like to
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“Marks forget that whenever something's too good to be true, that's because it's a con.”
Holly Black, White Cat

Holly Black
“I have to spring a cat out of Rumelt Animal Shelter. Think of it as a prison break."

It does the trick. He laughs. "Whose cat?"

"My cat. What do you think? That I break out the cats of strangers?"

"Let me guess, she was framed. She's innocent.”
Holly Black, White Cat

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Navessa Perfectly put Ange! Gotta add that buddy read part to my own.

Khanh (the Grinch) I'm trying to get into this series, but the premise, though interesting, is like...meh. I also have a bad history with male narrators. They're either intolerably stupid, unrealistic (how many guys notice MAKEUP ON A GIRL, I MEAN REALLY?), or sound too much like what a teenage girl thinks a guy must say/feel.

Angela Thanks Cory!! ^_^

LOL Jenny, well you did put something like that in my your "review" space ;)

Khanh - I usually have problems with male narrators too, but I liked Cassel. I thought he was pretty realistic and I did like his voice. But there's an incredible slowness to this first book. It's really an immersion into his life and that can make it difficult.

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