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Oct 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Yay! Finally, I finished this monstrous book. Seriously reading it feels like it was even longer than the HBO series which has ten episodes. Anyway I really like this book and I think presently I am very obsessed with it. I am even considering to have it as my top 1 favorite book of all time and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins needs to step down and give that spot to Game of Thrones. However, I think I just need to finish reading the other books to make it more fair to the other books that I have read. I just need to invest more in these books and then I will decide if it's really my favorite book of all time.

So yeah what can I say, but YOU HAVE TO READ IT! YOU REALLY HAVE TO READ IT! (Yes I love to be redundant) I have read a lot of books, more than 200 and seriously this book feels like it was the best I have read in all my life (I know I sounded cheesy). Seriously read it folks.

Spoiler Alert
***If you're not interested with me talking about nonsense things just scroll down and my book review is down there somewhere.

Why did I read this book?
So I came upon Game of Thrones because of my father who was watching something in his laptop (at first I thought it was a movie) and this is the scene that I have seen at that time...

So the scene was like this beautiful, naked woman surrounded by baby dragons and I was just curious about it (I mean who wouldn't be curious?). Then I just asked him...

Me: What are you watching?
Dad: I'm watching Game of Thrones

At that time I am not really sure, but I know that there is a book called Game of Thrones and it was written by someone whose name is Martin because I've seen a couple of book reviews by some of my friends here in goodreads.

Me: Game of Thrones. Is that movie came from the book Game of Thrones?
Dad: I don't have any idea of it being a book. Really? Is it a book too? It is not a movie, but a TV series btw. I was watching it because it is about political dynamics blah blah blah...fantasy blah blah blah...dragons blah blah has just have a lot of sex scenes though blah blah blah...

So after that I just really got curious and I asked first in a forum here in goodreads if Game of Thrones the book has a TV series. And they said yes it has a TV series on HBO. And I don't know I just really like that scene with the baby dragons and the naked woman therefore I download an e-book from because I'm broke and I don't think that book is available in the local library. So yeah and then I read it.

Book Review with ***MAJOR SPOILERS*** (both from the book and the TV series)
So I read the book and I was very disappointed with the prologue because:
1. The writing style is PURPLE PROSE. Ugh.
2. I don't really know what the hell is happening and it's just...I don't know what the hell am I reading and then I decided to read it another time and read other books.

So I give up the first time and second time reading it I got past the damn prologue. And I still can't get into the story because:
1. Multiple POVs
2. There's like so many like really a lot of characters and I still don't know what the hell the story is all about.

But then after a few chapters (like maybe about 10% of the book) I get used to it even with the purple prose. And then I am not confused with the characters anymore and somehow I begin to understand what's the story is about.

So it's started with the Stark family in Winterfell (let's just get this somehow organized)

House of Stark
Location: Winterfell
Sigil: Direwolf
Words: Winter is coming

Lord Eddard Stark: Lord of Winterfell, will become hand of the king, will be beheaded somewhere in the story

***I love his character and actually I've kind of known that he will be beheaded in the end because of a youtube Hitler video I accidentally watched here's the link:
I am used with my favorite characters dying in books that I read but it still shocked me that the author killed the main character in the first book of the series. I've heard that the author is somehow crazy and he wants to write a book about good guys dying and evil reigns in the end. I think the author just want to be different from the norm. I don't know I am very disappointed that he died because it's very disheartening and depressing and I actually love him both in the book and in the TV Series.

Catelyn Tully Stark: Lady Stark, wife of Eddard Stark

***I also like this character. She's not perfect and she still has flaws like she is very kind to her husband her children, but she's like an evil stepmother to Jon Snow.

Robb- eldest son, has a direwolf named Grey Wind (not really sure about the direwolf's name)

***I also love this character. I think he really progresses a lot from this book alone. From being a boy to a commander to a King (King in the North as they say)

Sansa- girly, betrothed to Prince Joeffrey of House of Lanister-Barratheon, has a direwolf named Lady

***My sister and our maid are my companies in watching the HBO TV series when I bought the DVD. My sister actually hates Sansa and she thinks that this character is stupid, but I actually don't hate Sansa. I somehow like her character. She's very innocent and somehow very idealistic. I just like her and it's really sad when her direwolf Lady was killed because of the Queen. I don't know I'm very scared of what will happen to her now that she's with the Lannisters in the end.

Arya- tomboy, has a direwolf named Nymeria

***I like Arya more than Sansa. She's more of a tomboy and she liked sword fighting and she's also a very sweet girl. I like the earlier parts when she is together with her brother Jon Snow.

Bran- loves climbing, will be crippled somewhere in the story, has a direwolf named Summer

***I actually like Bran he's a free spirit and he likes climbing. I don't know, but I'm also afraid for this character because he became crippled. I just don't want him to be hurt or killed.

Rickon- youngest son, has a direwolf named Shaggydog

***For most of the time Rickon doesn't appear so much in the story. So I don't really feel anything about him.

Jon Snow- bastard of Eddard Stark, real mother unknown, has a direwolf named Ghost, will join the Night's Watch somewhere in the story

***I also really like this character. He has the most interesting story. He's a bastard. He doesn't know who is her mother. And I just like him and Ghost. I also like the conversations between him and Tyrion in the earlier parts of the book.

House of Barratheon-Lannister (Royal Family)
Location: King's Landing
Sigil: Barratheon- Stag, Lannister: Lion
Words: Barratheon- Ours is the Fury, Lannister: Hear Me Roar

King Robert Barratheon- will be killed by a boar somewhere in the story

***He actually reminds me of Pres. Erap Estrada (you will know what I'm talking about if you're a Filipino). He's not really a good leader like he just wants to drink and to have sex with whores and he's very corrupt, but in spite of all that he's very charismatic and influential. He's actually very funny too.

Queen Cersei Lannister Barratheon- Queen of the seven kingdoms, has a secret affair with her brother Jamie Lannister

***I actually like Cersei. She's very cunning and bitchy. She's also has this side of her that I felt very sympathetic and I kind of get where she's coming from and why she did all of these things. She's a very complex character.

Prince Joeffrey- in truth he's Jamie Lannister's bastard

***I really dislike him from the very beginning. I think the author really made this character very unlikable. I don't care if he will be killed in the next books.

House of Lannister
Location: Casterly Rock
Sigil: Lion
Words: Hear Me Roar

Lord Tywin- was hand of the King to Aerys Targaryen, rich man

***I don't hate this guy. He's pretty okay for me.

Jamie Lannister- Kingslayer, killed the King he sworn to protect

***even if he's a villain, I don't really hate him and I like that he cares for Tyrion and Cersei. I think he's actually a good guy.

Tyrion Lannister- dwarf, youngest son

***I think this guy has the quotable lines in the book. I really like this character in spite him being a dwarf. He is very good with words and using his brain. Very interesting character.

House of Targaryen
Location: Vas Dothrak (I forgot exactly the complete name)
Sigil: Dragon
Words: Fire and Blood (something like that)

Viserys- got killed somewhere in the story

***pompous, another unlikable character

Daenyrys- she's the one in the first picture, the one with the baby dragons

***her journey is actually amazing. It's like at first she was not sure and then her character became stronger and then she faces these terrible trials and her husband and son died, but in the end she got baby dragons. So what the hell right, she got dragons.

You know what I'm the type of reader that even though I know that they are fictional characters I still take it personally that the characters died. And I'm a Filipina and they say that we like happy endings and we like the main character to triumph in the end. However, because the author was really cruel and brutal and heartless killing off characters like he doesn't really care. I don't know it's just really irritating. But what the hell right I still like the story and the characters and I'll be prepared and I know a lot of them will be killed. I'll just cry when that happen.

So I make a list of my favorite characters that I do not want to get killed:

1. Jon Snow
2. Daenyrys
3. Tyrion
4. Arya
5. Bran
6. Robb
7. Jamie

Maybe I can handle three or four deaths from these character list that I made, but if all of them died, I swear by the seven Gods I will stop reading.

In terms of comparing the book to the TV series I like the TV series better because the book is written very purple, verbose and overly detailed (yes I indeed love to be redundant). The TV series is more polished and edited and the book is too damn long. Read the books if you can't wait for the next season that will come out next year.
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Quotes Joyzi Liked

George R.R. Martin
“Winter is coming.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Bran thought about it. 'Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?'
'That is the only time a man can be brave,' his father told him.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Life is not a song, sweetling.
Someday you may learn that, to your sorrow.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“... a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“The things I do for love.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“And I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin
“Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Reading Progress

15.0% "OMG this is so what's the word? Epic >.<"
50.0% "Halfway reading I decided to buy a DVD copy of the HBO series adaptation of Game of Thrones. So now that I know what will happen...FUCKADOODLE!" 4 comments
80.0% "Is it just me? Or this book is really long. I mean the HBO series is ten episodes long and it seems like this book is even longer. Wish I could finish it today."
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Mia Prasetya Nice review! Love the series and the book too, my fave characters are Arya, Danny, Lord Snow and Tyrion. :)

Joyzi Have you read all the books in the series? Just asking

Mia Prasetya Nope, i'm still reading the first book :p

Joyzi ah okay I just want to know if the series will be better or worse. I'm just starting with the second book.

Mia Prasetya Wow, good luck. I'm curios with Lord Snow, hope he will stay alive until the last book *fingers crossed* :p

Joyzi yeah I do hope, the author loves to kill the good guys..I do wish he spares Tyrion, Jon, Arya and even Bran

Mia Prasetya Ah, you finished your review :) The ending of the first season somehow was out of my mind. How could he did that to Ned??? HAUHAUAHU Let me if you already read half the second book, like it better or not..

Arizel紫 Gyaa~! I love this book!! ;)

Joyzi @Mia yeah the story is very brutal. Not for the faint of heart. I'm having a strong feeling the author will kill another main character, bet one of the good guys, in the second book

Joyzi @Arizel me too, I'm obsessed with it ^^

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

It's a great book. The second is good, but not as good. The series peaks with the 3rd book. I don't want to say it's down hill from there, but it's definitely "where is this going?" The 4th and 5th books are just not as compelling as stand alone stories. But it's worth reading the entire series. Hopefully he will release the 6th book before one of us dies. :-)

message 12: by Rollie (last edited Oct 17, 2011 07:32PM) (new) - added it

Rollie if this book surpasses well your top books, should i read this too?

Joyzi @Melissa I read in the internet that the die hard fans are worried that George Martin might die and the series is not finish yet. I think the author is old but I do hope he won't die because I wanna know how this political drama will end.

Joyzi @Rollie you really have to read it. Just don't be discouraged with the confusing prologue and numerous characters. I also recommend you bought a DVD of Game of Thrones.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I know, I would be SO disappointed if the series wasn't finished, especially since there has been so much build up. The story is pretty huge by book 5, I think he needs to kill off some characters, there are just too many! :-O

Joyzi Yes there are too many characters. Its just so weird that the author think all of these places, characters, families. He's a genius. It was even more complicated because the story has seven kingdoms.

Rad Ryan Lord Snow will be much more interesting in the next book! Beyond the wall!
I liked the book better than the TV series. I actually liked how Martin had been too much with the details. I felt that I'm right on the scene! Great review! :)

Joyzi Sometimes I'm okay with the purple prose but sometimes it makes my head aches. I'm currently reading book 2 and I'm now on Jon Snow chapter beyond the wall. Have you read all the books until Dance with the Dragons?

Rad Ryan um, not yet. but i'm finished with CoK. Doesn't have the opportunity and time to go SM-ing.

message 20: by Rollie (new) - added it

Rollie I might read this one since people all over goodreads are talking about its awesomeness.

Joyzi @Rad okay, I'm planning to read until the latest one Dance with the Dragons and I'm so excited for season 2. I hope the books will get better and better.

@Rollie yes try this one out. Highly recommended!

Armand Reading the series is like being in a marathon. Don't know if I have enough stamina to read passed book 3. I'm on book 4, feast for crows, and having trouble getting pass the first few pages as a new set of characters are again introduced. If you like Jon Snow than you'll definitely like book 3, storm of swords, as his part really got interesting in this chapter. I'll put on hold book 4 and just wait for your review to push me to continue as I guess my weary aging mental muscles are already drained from all the battles and deceptions in the seven kingdoms.

Joyzi @Armand me too I got really confused when new characters are introduced but I just keep on reading. I always find the prologue hard to read. This is a very lengthy series I wish I can find the mental stamina to finish this too.

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