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The Giver by Lois Lowry
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May 01, 08

Recommended to Anyea12 by: my 8th grade english teacher ms. merideth mcglinchey
Recommended for: any one with taste

imagine a a society where you are seperated from all technology. ( most of you are probably scared to death right now aren't you? LOL) but seriously... no t.v, no phone, no computers nada! and every one is grouped according to age and you have certain things or enjoy certain luxuries until you reach a certain age. A society where child birth is shameful, if you have twins they kill the one who weighs the lesser amount. A society where they inject you with stuff to keep your hormones from bouncing off the wall. everyone wheres the same thing (O.M.G!) or even a society where the world is all black and white! no the town isn't all monochromatic, but every one is colorblind. you scared yet..........?

this book is sad, weird, crazy, and twisted all wrapped into one. jonas the main character is in this society where every child is grouped with other children of the same age and every year they have to leave their friends and go with new children the age they are now. every child is adopted. the girls have to stop wearing hair-ribbons at a certain age. they have to be a certain age to ride a bike. and child birth is kind of a thing to be ashamed of.

for instance they have jobs and one of the jobs is to be a child bearer and your job is to have children basically. you are pampered for your stay there and given everything you want but after you have about 3 kids you're cut off and basically left on your own. any who... jonas isn't like the other people there. you see every one there is colorblind and jonas is slowly given the gift of seeing in color. so he goes to the giver and he transfers memories to jonas so that he can become the new giver. and slowly he sees a new color and to him he is fascinated. but just as every eleven year old boy nearing teen hood you start to have eyes for the opposite sex and as soon as he tells his parents about this dream he has where he's bathing his lady friend they freak out and give jonas pills to prevent the boy from lusting.

and like every little town they have a outcast. a guy who tried to elude the craziness and they exiled him. and ever since then everyone in the town is banned from even speaking his name. yes the giver is one of those novels that will kinda grab you, get you wrapped in it's words, tangled in it's story hold you for a minute and just when you get into it slowly let you go and leave your mind boggling and begging for more.
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message 1: by Priya (last edited Feb 19, 2009 05:16AM) (new)

Priya I are absolutely right!
I read this book when I was small and I think now I understand it more than I did before.
We should really appreciate our way of life instead of complaining about it because I think no one of us could live in a world like in the giver knowing there's something more to life!

If anyone wants to read my writings, I have an essay on individualism vs. sameness based on The Giver!!!

Lilly Good review, but you should put a spoiler warning on it.

message 3: by Claudine (new) - added it

Claudine Honestly I would love to read this book.....

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