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Aug 12, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: e-pube, traumatically-shit
Read from August 12 to 13, 2011

Spoilers? Oh boy am I going to spoil the SHIT out of this for you! So I got bored about halfway through and because I was bored I started focusing on the irritating things.

So, Katniss asks a lot of fucking questions. This book should be titled Curious Katniss and the Game that she should play is "How long can Katniss go without asking a question before we blow her skull to smithereens?" Not very long! It'd be a really, really short booK and people like me would either rejoice, or be sad because then we would have to find something productive to do with our time. You know, other than WRITE A LIST OF EVERY QUESTION KATNISS ASKS IN THE BOOK. I did that!

See, along with other people asking questions (I didn't compile these) along with the slew of 'maybes' (please refer to a rundown of this later in my review) and the lack of anything interesting happening - this novel is a prime candidate for, I don't know, being used as toilet paper. Except I have too much respect for my arse to do that.
Just because it's YA, it doesn't mean you get to get away with being shit.

Katniss asks questions in her head and as a reader, we are privy to the inanity of her thoughts.

Then I turned and as Gale and Haelle and all the kids waiting for me, so what could I do but go along?; Who is here? What do they want? Why is my mother so pale?; What could he be doing here?

Perhaps I wouldn't have had such a problem with the questions if Collins didn't frequently go on a mad, frenzied self-questioning rampage, like so:

If he knows this, what else does he know? And how does he know it? (...)loaded down with game? Haven't we for years? (...) Or have they> Could we have been followed? (...) Cameras? (...) what have they seen?

Those questions were all in one paragraph. IT WASN'T A ONCE-OFF.

And here's the rest of Katniss' internal monologue, for your reading pleasure.

(...)what have I done?; What does he do? Drink it?; And who knows who else will pay for my actions? And how?; What would he do with the information, anyway?; (...)but how do I bein that coversation? Hey, Peeta, remember how I was kind of faking being in love with you?; (...)if I'd been raised in the Capitol?; Who else will I fail to save from the Capitol's vengeance? Who else will be dead if I don't satisfy President Snow? That really isn't the point, though, is it? (...) two victors chosen for the arena?; (...)than risking the alternative?; What would they do if I simply vanished? Disappeared into the woods and never came out? (...) start a new life deep in the wild?; What does this mean?

(another barrage of questioning in chapter 4); Do what? Blow my lips up like President Snow's? Tattoo my breasts? Dye my skin magenta and implant gems in it? Cut decorative patterns in my face? Give me curved talons? Or cat's whiskers? (...) Do they really have no idea how freakish they look to the rest of us?

How far south have we come in a day? If I had a bow and arrows, would I just keep going? What do they do? Have preliminary drawings? (...)make sure they're in the crowd? (...) offering to take her place?; Is it because I didn't save Rue?; (...)leaving all the words to Peeta?; Is she Thresh's grandmother?; (...) salute to the girl that defied the Capitol?; Who was that? Thresh's grandmother? One of Rue's little sisters?; How on earth did I cause so much trouble? (...) has that question actually been preying on him? How did I not know that?; Did I do it? Was it enough? (...) promising to marry Peeta enough?; but who would know? BUt what can he do?; (...) what's it like at the other houses?; But why? Have I? But will he even come? Didn't I do the same thing to my mother? (...) dismiss this as foolishness?; Why should I?; Why doesn't he see what's so undeniable?; Anything they made in the Capitol? Was that directed at me? (...) therefore something untouchable?"; Pr won't she?; What happened? Did he try to come to Gale's aid before I got here?; Where was he from? District 3? From the Capitol itself?; (...) but what is the worst pain?; Who could it be at this hour of the night?; What am I angry about though?; Does everyone look younger asleep?; (...) of his life to see it?; (...) districts are right? (...) conscious one?; (...)I have to try to fight? (...) so evil that there is no choice? (...) have been treated?"; Was it even planned, or something that simply erupted out of years of hatred and resentment? How could we do that here? Would the people of District 12 join in or lock their doors? (...) and have no idea what to do?; who am I to question her?; But what kind of love does she mean? What do I mean when I say I love Gale? (...) does he?; (...) with bricks and torches?
Is he really planning to go through with it? What, in his twisted brain, will that achieve? Is it for the benefit of those in the Capitol? (...) And then he'll kill us? As a lesson to the districts?
Who else would I be?;

What if they're right? Could it be true? Could there be somewhere to run besides the wilderness? Somewhere safe? (...) instead of waiting here for my death?

(...) persuade the crowd of my love for Peeta?; I have people on my side? What side?Am I unwittingly the face of the hoped-for rebellion? Has the mockingjay on my pin become a symbol of resistance?;
What is going on? Has Thread turned on the fence as an addition security measure? Or does he somehow know I've escaped his net today? Is he determined to strand me outside District 12 until he can apprehend and arrest me? Drag me to the square to be locked in the stockade or whipped or hanged?

I thought no one saw me sneak under the fence, but who knows?; Could there be surveillance cameras? (...) knows about the kiss?; But what choice do I have? (...)who knows what I'd be jumping into?; (...)invited by the Peacekeepers? (...)is he carefully instructing Thread what to do? Or is Thread acting on his own?; What is?; What can he do with that? What does it mean? Existing pool of victors?; Where? Where to go?; Why?; (...)written down seventy-five years ago?; What just went through my mnd?; How did I even get to this place?; What did I come for? What could I possibly want here?(...)who knows what he could get me to agree to?; (...)if it weren't for Peeta? (...) kissed him bac had I been free to do so?; (...)under different circumstances?; What else could it be?; Lover?; And why should I?; (...)doing with flaming belts? Broiling themselves?; (...)am I wrong? Or do I see the president fixated on me as well?; What did I do now?; What would we say, anyway? That we're sorry for the other's lot? That we ache for the other's pain? That we're glad we had the chance to know each other?; What's to discuss?; Only who could I trust? (...)only to possibly kill her later?; What did Peeta do? Something to upset them?; But how did he upset them?; Do you have any idea how much I hate you? You, who have given your talents to the Games?; (...)he's the head Gamemaker?; will this help Peeta stay alive?; Was it to conceal something they were unable to wash away?; What better way to give hope to the rebels? Are they jealous of its beauty? The power it might have to manipulate the crowd?; (...)why doesn't he change the Quell?; What has he done?; What can it mean? Keep a secret from who?Where on earth is he going with this? And me? vthe loss of my children to the Games? And it could be true now, couldn't it? (...) suggestion of marriage or a family?; How real are the tears?; Is this an acknowledgment that he has been stalked by the same fears that I have? That every victor has? Every parent in every district in Panem?; Do we sleep?; Why are they delaying this?; But move where?

Where is he now? What are they doing to him? Torturing him? Killing him?Turning him into an Avox?;

Where are you?; Where are you?; Why didn't he tell me about this arrangement before?; Could this all be a ruse? For Finnick to win my trust, and then swim out and drown Peeta?; Well, what did I think? (...)universal truce in the arena? (...)what? Restraint?; I wait? Know him better? Owe him more?; And how long did I take to turn deadly? But to what end? And who knows what the night will hold? So how can I kill him in his sleep? Why didn't he just let him die?; Why could he possibly have wanted to save Peeta? And why was he so determined to team up with me? (...) and what was it doing?; What is it?What does that signify? One ring for each district? Maybe. But why? "Mean anything, do you think?"; (...)how would I have gotten Peeta out of here alive? Was it because she was so old her days were numbered anyway? (...) and me as allies?; Do the various attacks stay within the confines of the jungle?; But why would he?; But what are my options?; Where is it? Where is it?; (...)knife in his leg?; So why have they chosen Peeta to protect?; (...) Peeta's life above their own?; (...)to choose him over myself?; Has Haymitch convinced the others of this?; (...)the rest of us could claim?; (...) decided effots to keep him alive?; Where is she? What are they doing to her?; How did she get here? Why is she part of the games?; Above me? Do they have her up in the trees? Why didn't Peeta come to help me? Why did no one come after us?; Why?; But as I stretch out on the sand I wonder, could it be more? (...) have kids with Gale?; How long can we keep up this alliance?; What if I am wrong about the others protecting Peeta?; I don't understand what's actually going on?; (...)but what does it matter now?; because who knows what Chaff's up to?;

But why? I've set thousands of snares. Isn't this just a larger snare with a more scientific component? Could it work? (...) trained to gather fish and lumber and coal? What do we know about harnessing power from the sky?

How can I protect him from a distance?; Stay down? I think. What? What is happening?; Am I?; Am I as good as dead?; This, in itself, can't be a sinal to kill, can it?; I can still hear the insects, but are they starting to fade?;

What did Beetee do? Did he actually try to drive the knife into the force field the way Peeta did by accident? And what's the deal with the wire? Was this his backup plan? (...) into the force field? What would that do, anyway? Nothing? A great deal? Fry us all? ;
But what is he doing?; (...)will Peeta survive the rest? Why would I need reminding?; what did he call it that day?; Will they let anyone survive? Will there be a victor of the Seventy-fifth Hunger Games? (...) read from the card?; Save him?; Where are the others, then?; (...)and... one more, right?; But where have they taken them? Moved them from hospital to prison?; (...)he'll be excused his crimes? Or did he really have no idea what Beetee intended? what else has he lied about?; Do I really want him dead?; But will Peeta now that or will he keep fighting?; Does he think he has a chance of surviving?; Does he even care if he does?'; hat has happened to him? How is he even here?

But Katniss doesn't keep her questions to herself; she annoys everybody else with them! I couldn't bear to NOT share the following with you.

Katniss takes it upon herself to question everybody, everywhere

"You're hideous, you know that right?"; "Walk?"; "Did Cinna come early to help me get ready?"; "There have been uprisings?"; "Why don't you just kill me now?" "Who says I'm not?"; "What do you mean? How can I aim higher?"; "Did I design my outfit?"; "Why?"; "Where's everyone else?"; "Doesn't he need prepping?"; "What's yours?" "Orange? Like Effie's hair?"; "How do remember these things so exactly?"; "Does it help? To paint them out?"; "Want to see my talent?"; "Did you choose me, Haymitch?"; "Why?"; "...is there? Not being straight with each other?"; "About what?" "So, you're the Head Gamemaker this year?"; "Are you plannin the Quarter Quell Games already?"; "What?"; (...)"having a nightmare?"; "Are you sure you don't want it back?"; "Where did you get it anyway?"
"Really? You don't think I'm mad? You'll go with me?"; "You're sure?"; "Do you think I'm making this stuff up?"; "What about your family?; "Going to town?"; (...)"would you?"; "You will?"; "What?"; "No, but can you get Hazelle? SEnd her over?"; "Can you save him?"; "Can't you give him another shot?"; "What did you do in the arm months?"; "Why didn't you put this on him last night?"; "Where's Peeta?"; "Did he get back all right?"; "Have you seen Haymitch today?"; "Then what's your plan?"; "What's he want that for?"; "Ypu closed down too?"; "What is it? What does that mean?"; "Who are you?"; "Where'd you get the uniforms?"; "What's that about?"; "What are you going to do?"; "Thirteen?"; "What's wrong with your leg?"; "Anyone after you?"; "Making tea?"; "Out of food?"; "So, what's your story?"; (...) expect to find in District Thirteen?"; "Really?"; "See what?";
"You're going to District Thirteen based on that? A shot of a bird? You think you're just going to find some new city with people strolling around in it? And that's just fine with the Capitol?"; "Why haven't they helped us? If it's true, why do they leave us to live like this? With the hunger and the killings and the Games?"; "Can I help you with something?"; "When did you say that?"; "You have a message for me?"; "Didn't it already?"; "How was school?"; "Why couldn't you get shrimp? Is it out of season?";

Katniss continues to be inquisitive (and I lose my patience with using quotation marks but believe it, it's still her asking these questions! Out loud! Exclamation point!

I begin to question them casually (...) I want to ask them more (...) "Do you still think it won't work here?"; But maybe at some point?; What do you think they'll do, Haymitch? To the districts that are rebelling?; So you think Thirteen was really destroyed?; What are you going to do?; It'd be bad for you in the arena, wouldn't it? Knowing all the others?; What's done?; "You what?"; What business is it of yours what he does?; What?; What are you going to do?; What's with him?; Who's next?; Is this the person who won twenty-five in here? (...) do you?; (...) did he?; So what are we wearing for the opening ceremonies? Headlamps or fire?; How did you do this?; What do you spend all yours on, anyway, FInnick?; Then how do they pay you for the pleasure of your company?; Have you seen your suit turned on?; Are we supposed to hold hands this year?; The families?; What?; Why?; So why bother?; You mean you want us in the Career pack this year?; (...)is that what you're saying? Why does that not surprise me?; What about you?; How are we going to kill these people, Peeta?"; Why did Haymitch want us to get to know them?; You painted something didn't you?; Why would he paint a picture of me, Effie?; Is it a secret?; Have they ever given a zero?; Why did they do that?; (...)piece in their Games?; So, what should we do with our last few days?; You?; What?; Then you'll allow it?; So, what am I wearing tonight?; Was this heavy?; Will I be twirling again?; the most beautiful thing?; The others went home?; What?; What do you think?; Sun?; Each take one side?; Remind me, did we make deals with anyone else?; What?; Peeta?; Peeta?; Is this your token? Can't you hear it?; Whose is it?; What is it?: Can you fish with it, Mags?; Can you take them both?; Finnick?; Where did they go?; Think it's safe to try for the water again?; Why don't you two get some rest?; (...)haven't looked pretty?; What now?; What does she mean? She got them for me?; What do I have to work with? Seawater?; So what were you doing with Nuts and Volts?; Are you thirsty?; Did you notice anything unusual in the others?; Prim?; At the final eight?; No?; You really believe that?; Do you believe it, Finnick?; Who?; Was that the earthquake year?; Did she get better after?; I mean, her mind?; Do you think they figured out about the clock? Why not?; Guess who I'm not fooling with that story?; Ready?; Peeta?; Peeta?; Who cut you?; The first one? Why?; What?; Where is Peeta?; Like bait? Like how they'll use Annie for bait, Finnick?; Prim?; They're not in District Twelve?;

If the questions weren't enough; Katniss, or Collins herself, is also plagued with self doubt. Uncertainty! Oh the horrors> There were at least 125 maybes mentioned in this book, which may not seem like much but once you're aware of them, they're fucking everywhere. Here's a great example from Chapter 15;

Maybe he's too pretty, or maybe he's too easy to get, or maybe it's really that he'd just be too easy to lose.
Yep, that was altogether! Here's a few more, Maybe she expected it. Maybe they can even confirm my suspicions of an uprising there. Maybe some fishhooks.

Maybe you're a Class A irritating fuck, that's what.

Some of Collins' sentences are also horrific;

Then I'm at a party where everyone wears masks and someone with a flicking wet tongue, who I suppose is Finnick, stalks me, but when he catches me and pulls off his mask, it's President Snow, and his puffy lips are dripping in bloody saliva

Yeah, by horrific I don't mean the content. Check out that eyesore. Sheesh.

AND she starts a lot of sentences with conjunctions. Which I do continually. Which, in my opinion, is fine if you are stating something emphatetically or are not a published author. Perhaps it's even okay to let the odd one slip if you do so happen to be so lucky as to get your shitty novel published. When that odd one adds up to the point where it's actually noticable and fucking annoying, then you've got a problem. Just when I was starting to get really irked at this flaw, I stumbled across this gem from chapter 16 to prove to you exactly what I mean.

"And the more I come to know these people, the worse it is. Because, on the whole, I don't hate them. And some I like. And a lot of them are so damaged that my natural instinct would be to protect them. But all of them must die if I'm to save Peeta."

So, in conclusion, I am really glad I don't own this as an actual IRL paperback and I could just delete it thus disappearing it back into the void where this whole book should have stayed in the first place.

TL;DR: This book sucked balls.
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message 1: by Adam (new) - rated it 1 star

Adam This is a great review. Thanks.

message 2: by tee (new) - rated it 1 star

tee Thanks for reading, Adam!

Faye Oliver I laughed SO HARD it was amazing :')

Lisa Love this! I started reading your review before I finished the book and it made me aware of ALL THE QUESTIONS, which started irritating me more than anything else in this annoying book. So Thank YOU!

Shelley Love love love your review! Mad magazine did a hilarious take on The Hunger Games, calling Katniss Catfood Aspercream. This series and the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy are proof positive that anyone can get a shitty book published.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Totally agree on the subject of sentences starting with conjunctions. Some of the paragraphs are ENTIRELY COMPOSED OF FRAGMENTS! Where are the editors?!?

Shelley Paperbackswap.com is a great way to unload one's unwanted shitty books. It's been my experience that the shittier the book, the faster it gets snatched up. If bookshelves could talk I swear they would whisper thank effing god that tripe is off the shelf.

The writing only gets worse in the third book. There are way more paragraphs composed of sentence fragments with the majority of the fragments being two and three words. Works in poetry, not in crappy YA fiction. If there were any editors, they clearly had clocked out and gone on lengthy tropical vacations.

Taylor Sawyer I noticed the questions too and got thoroughly annoyed with them. If you haven't already, don't read the Fifty Shades books because they are full of this kind of shit then shackled with sexual acts that all see, to go the same way.

Cyrus Victoriano lol you really did write it all down! I'm impressed but I'm gonna use this to answer a few of my own.

message 10: by Owen (new) - rated it 1 star

Owen Williams Epic. And so correct.

Sarahmulloon i didnt read the whole thing was to lazy .-.

Bianca :)))

message 13: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Gul Great review.
Though a possible benefit of having a paperback copy would be that it could, perchance, accidentally catch fire.

Taylor I LOVED IT !!! In Fact, it is my FAVORITE one of the three !!!! >:(

message 15: by Robb (new) - rated it 5 stars

Robb the book your talking about must not be catching fire because you gave it one star this book took me away from the world away from the stress away from the haters like you sooooooo if you think this is a dumb book then screw y'all

BraveLightGirl Thank you for pointing out the obvious!

I think this author has a loathing of women. It seems she tried to create/explore the strong female lead in Hunger Games but then went on to create a useless desperate Katniss in Catching Fire and then added insult to the fire but dumbing down every single female character in the book. Probably a reflection of herself really and her own insanity.

Here's my review, would love to hear your feedback. I think I was much harsher than you to say the least.


Erica Forsyth Wow they should really have a maximum amount of words allowed for reviews because this is too dang long. P.s its actually an awesome book

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Wow, so glad I "read" this as an audiobook, the fragments and other horrible sentence structure are much less obvious. The questions though are still annoying as hell! Not to mention Katniss as a character makes me want to punch her in the face.

Ashley Shoda Your entitled to your own opinion but...
the book is AMAZING
you don't know watcha missing

Rhiannon I couldn't be bothered to read this entire thing and I'm sure you could find something more constructive to do with your time.

Erica Forsyth Rhiannon wrote: "I couldn't be bothered to read this entire thing and I'm sure you could find something more constructive to do with your time."

Ha ah so true!

Nicole I loved the book, but with you pointing this out I do feel rather annoyed with the writing, and I got a huge laugh. I love your reviews.

Taylor yknow.what ? i didnt even notice ! neither did my whole frickin class - if u find the questions annoying then u get ticked off way too easily. ive read alot of books and this one is by FAR the best , appart from Lord of the Rings : the two towers. but at the end of the day this is all opinion . not fact. neither is my reveiw .

oh . and also : how many books have YOU written , published and recieved many , many awards for ?
dont u DARE try and convince all the bookworms on goodreads that its shit .

u`ll cause them to toss the idea of reading this book out of therw minds.

dont reply to this reveiew

Nedda THANK YOU! I am so glad somebody else was bothered by the incessant and incredibly irritating questions Katniss keeps asking herself. This book was written for kids and the lack of sophistication in the writing reflects just that.

Rhiannon May I also add... Katniss had post traumatic stress. I completely understand if people don't particularly like Mockingjay. But how can you not like Catching Fire? I prefer Catching Fire of the three books. Though that is just my opinion and as much as I respect yours I don't agree with it.

Grace2000 You're a pissy pete. That's all I have to say about this review.

Willie What do u expect? Everything that comes out in a trilogy now days gets praise no matter how shitty they are. It's all about entertainment and no actual intellectual value. Great review!

message 28: by Chadwyatt (new)

Chadwyatt This book is good because it picked up exactly where the last one left off. It also has a very descriptive plot and portrays the characters very well. This book is for people who like action an battle.

Faith Lmaoooooooooooo :'( No, this was too much, yet so true ..

Austin Dutter this review is dumb CATCHING FIRE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!

Charles Sr. The questions Katniss asked revealed her personality and mindset during events that could but raise questions. As she asked them, the plot answered them. It's sad how ppl intentionally write poor reviews for great books in a desperate attempt to gain attention they likely didn't receive as children.

Charles Sr. Btw, conjunctions are not flaws in novels when the character is speaking as someone would be expected to, given the conditions of life. You obviously don't understand literature.

message 33: by Thor (new) - rated it 4 stars

Thor Christensen I actually like the book - but that doesn't mean that I didn't love your review as well ;-) Hilarious!

message 34: by tee (new) - rated it 1 star

tee Charles wrote: "You obviously don't understand literature."

Not a great argument considering that this book bore closer resemblance to a bloated turd than a piece of actual writing. I totally didn't get enough attention as a child and that's definitely why I spent my time shitting out this review. Are you psychic or a doctor or something omg.

To everyone else saying that my review sucked or was too long, I basically just cut and paste half the bullshit in the actual book. So, point proven. Happy Halloween dickwads.

Charles Sr. Some ppl live to write bad reviews just to get a little attention. I'd bet the majority of your reviews are below three stars, as if you have the initial credibility to spit on the work of those who are more successful in their endeavors than you. I've given you all the attention you've been begging for via poor reviews.

Charles Sr. Some ppl live to write bad reviews just to get a little attention. I'd bet the majority of your reviews are below three stars, as if you have the initial credibility to spit on the work of those who are more successful in their endeavors than you. I've given you all the attention you've been begging for via poor reviews.

Charles Sr. Some ppl live to write bad reviews just to get a little attention. I'd bet the majority of your reviews are below three stars, as if you have the initial credibility to spit on the work of those who are more successful in their endeavors than you. I've given you all the attention you've been begging for via poor reviews.

message 38: by tee (last edited Nov 01, 2014 02:13PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

tee You have no idea who I am or what I've achieved. You're the one stooping to shitty levels by attempting to attack my character and my upbringing simply because I listed all the questions a character asked in a YA novel. The last thing I want in life is attention from some knob who takes a cheeky book review so seriously and besides, I hadn't even bothered to check the comments on this review in several years. Obviously gagging for the attention. Get a life dude.

Charles Sr. Most ppl read books that interest them. Those who tend to write tons of shitty reviews tend to read books they either know they are not interested in or maybe could be interested in but has decided the type of review they would write before the first chapter is read. I'm not against negative reviews. I can distinguish negative yet constructive reviews from senselessly negative reviews. You represent the type of reader who reads books for the sake of searching for something to complain about. The book annoyed you because the personality of the main character would annoy you in real life. If that's the case, why read a book about someone you'd speak to in the same manner you wrote your review. The person who needs to get a life is the one who reads entire books that don't interest them beyond providing a way to vent and indirectly ask for attention. This is my final comment. I won't read the following.

message 40: by tee (new) - rated it 1 star

tee To get into a debate with me and then refuse to listen to my side of the story is just jerk-behaviour, so I hope you read this. I have to say you are just so far off the mark with me being an attention seeker, haha. I'm so uncomfortable with attention and haven't been on goodreads much since my popularity increased. There's not much I dislike more than than the spotlight being on me, whether that be for positive or negative reasons.

I also don't read books merely to hate them. I guess the proof is in my ratings history, with my average book review on this site being 3.36 and this being one of the only 1 star ratings that I bothered to write a review for. I actually read this book because I liked the first one and was completely thrown by how poor it was compared to the initial novel. That's how I came to write this review, not because it's my goal in life to track down crappy books.

I don't mind it when people write things that are probably true, that I'm miserable, or have too much time to waste, or should do something better with my time, or I'm childish or whatever. But when someone comes along and professes to know how I work, or spouts stuff that is just not true, then it irks me.

You're just way too mad over a negative review on a book that you liked and need to stop attacking me personally because of it.

Eh?Eh! Schoolmarming on the Internet - so silly and useless! I'm sorry you got shat on by a tool.

message 42: by Book (new) - rated it 3 stars

Book Worm tee wrote: "Thanks for reading, Adam!"

tee wrote: "Thanks for reading, Adam!"

this is a stupid review sorry to be a buzz kill

Karthik Thrikkadeeri I agree with you very much. This whole narrative of Collins is so f*cking annoying! In fact, the few times she comes up with good stories it drowns because of the whole other tonne of bullshit in this book. Now I'm not sure you could even understand what I just said but I'm sure you catch the gist.

message 44: by Bri (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bri I completely agree with what Charles said. I've read many book in many genres and styles, including classics, and to me, this trilogy was one of the most, if not THE most brilliantly written set of books. It reads as if you're in Katniss's mind, and it gives great insight into her thoughts and personality as she watches the rebellion unfold. I never got bored, and I NEVER got annoyed by the questions, because I was asking them with her, and as Charles said, the plot answers them as you go. The way she asks the questions is a realistic way a person would think. She's assessing the situation: Could this have happened? Was he thinking this? Or am I just this? It makes you start to think about it well, and keeps you intrigued. Plus, she really doesn't ask THAT many questions...this review makes it feels like it's every other sentence. I really don't understand how anyone could feel this way about the book, but apparently people do. I guess some people just like CERTAIN types of books. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this series, ESPECIALLY CF, and I have reread quite a few times. it's a great story.

message 45: by Diogo (new) - rated it 1 star

Diogo Ogawa "The absence of water intensifies my thirst." (chapter 19)
Quite curious observation..

message 46: by Spencer Won (new) - added it

Spencer Won You shouldn't give Susan dis-credit. At least she actually wrote a book, unlike you.

message 47: by Pikachu Girl (new)

Pikachu Girl this book was terrible and way too much complaing.
1. Im sure you can go on without Peeta especially when he trie to kill you.
2.Let me think…Oh yeah! You dont need to be so demanding

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Jacko HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this review is AWESOME lolol i couldnt stop laughing at the questions part hahahaha

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Jacko HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this review is AWESOME lolol i couldnt stop laughing at the questions part hahahaha

Anthony Pearson Thanks for making me laugh so much!
I thought the film was bad but actually I think this turd of a book is worse.

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