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Oct 02, 11

(Review from the author)

I hope readers will like this!

It is not a long story, though.
It is a 17,000-word novella.
Takes about an hour to read (or two at the most.)
(August 11, 2011)


When Zoey’s long-time boyfriend, Finn, cheats on her—kissing a girl he “just can’t resist”—he gives Zoey a “Free Pass,” telling her she can kiss any guy she wants. Finn is so cocky and sure of their relationship that the arrangement seems perfect. He’s not worried Zoey will fall for another guy, and he’s itching to get rid of his feelings of guilt.

But the thing is, Zoey knows exactly who she wants to kiss—longs to kiss— Finn’s best friend, Riley. But she wants the kiss too much. She knows that. So, she resists the “Free Pass.” Still, she’s pushed into it when Finn loses a bet to Riley, and Riley wants his payment—a kiss from Zoey.

Please note: this story was written for YA readers. It’s just for fun and won’t win any literary awards. It’s a very casual read written in a teen voice.

It’s grammatically casual as well and if that kind of writing bugs you then you probably won’t like this story. Amazon has a “Look Inside the book” on their webpage. I always use that before I buy a book. Probably you should check it out before you buy mine. You know, just to be safe. (Er, not stuck with a book you don't like.)

I enjoyed writing the story.
I hope you like it!!!



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message 1: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten is this going to be available for nooks?

Melanie Marks Um, maybe in late spring. Maybe. Thanks for your interest! :)

Carolina It was perfect!

Chloe Please write another to there story

Melanie Marks Carolina wrote: "It was perfect!"

Thanks so much Carolina!! (Sorry, for some reason I'm just seeing this message NOW!! Ha!!) :)

By the way (just in case you didn't know, but were maybe interested) there is now two more books to this series--Fall Forever and Finn's Fall.

Melanie Marks Chloe wrote: "Please write another to there story"

Hi Chloe, there actually is now another story with Riley, Zoey and Finn. It's called Fall Forever. And there is even a third book now called Finn's Fall. (And even a FOURTH book--though it's a standalone, and you don't need to read the other books before it. It's called, Louder Than Words.)

Thanks so much for your interest. (And I'm sorry I'm seeing your message so LATE!!!!! But thanks for it!)


Sofía This is one of my favourites! Totally love it! Thank you!

Sarah i can't wait to read it!

Melanie Marks Thanks! I hope you like it :)

Sarah I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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