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Congo by Michael Crichton
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Apr 08, 2008

really liked it

would have given this book five stars but i've seen the movie which traumatized me with it's badness. although i literally finished the book in the parking lot of the theater the weekend it came out so it was very fresh in my mind and ready to be compared for all its shortcomings. was it fair to the movie? no. was it fair that they actually charged people to see that piece of *expletive deleted*? no. i say that makes us even. my problems with the book. not too many. it did what it wanted to do. rambled a wee bit but most books do. my problems with the movie. oh where to start? how about the horrific casting. ernie hudson as monroe? the role could have been played perfectly by...tim curry! unfortunately mr. curry was playing a different role in the movie. one which he is used to playing: the villain. (see Legend, Rocky Horror, The Shadow, Kinsey and IT for reference). What makes this villain different from the others was that he wasn't necessary to the story. my proof of this accusation is that he wasn't even in the book. yes, you read that last sentence correctly. they made up a main villain for the movie. tim (im a huge fan and therefore reserve the right to refer to him by his first name) is an awesome actor playing a character that should never have existed. sad but true. other problems. monkeys look fake. you can almost see the zipper that opens the suit for the actors to get out them. monkeys are way dumber than they were in the book. what could have been an intense and frightening film was made into mindless action fluff. although the volcano eruption was cool. im too tired from bitching at the movie to keep going now. basically the book was WAY better than the movie and should be read if you like semi realistic horror/action.
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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin hahahaha...

i had a roomate in college to who loved this movie so much she has a worn vhs copy she'd pop in when she got depressed (and, i graduated from college recently. like, not in the age of VHS.) i think it was the soundtrack that she liked. personally i've never watched it, but your dazzling recommendation makes me curious ;)

Jason it pleases me to know that someone other than myself enjoys my random ramblings. as a child of the vhs age(i even remember betamax -shudder-) it is nice to know that someone also has a preference for dead technology. i recommend you see the film b/c you will either like it and think i'm a jackhole (i would be inclined to agree on most days) or bask in awe of my brilliance (never gonna happen but I can always dream.). Either way you killed a rainy afternoon. (in miami we have a lot of those so this comes in handy)

(random sidenote in reference to your mention of VHS:i am one of the few who remembers minidisc. in case you don't they are like tiny cd's that were just as cool and took up way less space. anyways... although they caught on in japan they never really found an audience in america and just kinda died off. sorta like laserdisc.(now im really starting to feel old with that referance even though im not which creeps me out even more.) so i thought DVD was going to merely be a repeat of this same phenomenon where something seems cool until people stop caring and then it just dies. so with my knowledge of the fate of minidisc still in my mind i LOADED up on vhs when dvds came out. a few years later and i am still wishing that i had spent the extra five bucks and gotten spaceballs on dvd instead. point of the story. remembering the past sometimes works against you.) in other news: life isn't fair.

message 3: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Rotten tomatoes is a site for movie reviewing. This however is a site for book reviews.

Kyle You seriously reviewed the movie AND slighted the book's review score because you didn't like the movie?

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