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Need by Carrie Jones
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Mar 05, 12

bookshelves: supernatural-teen, ehh, could-have-been-better
Read in July, 2011

I’ve started to hate it when new authors are compared to older ones. “If Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer were to write a book, it would be Need”. No, just no. First off Stephen King would never write with Stephenie Meyer, he would never sink that low. And second, shouldn’t and author be known from their own merits. When and if (mostly just when) I get my own book published I would like to be myself. Ya hear? While it is nice to have the comparison made (I wouldn’t be upset if sometime in the future someone compared me to Laini Taylor, just sayin) I would like to be known on my own merits. So I feel a little bad for Jones.

Then again these little blurbs are how some people’s interest is perked. So maybe the comparisons are good. But they still cheese me off just a little bit. Now on to the book.

I went into this book with expectations. Not high. Not low. Just looking for a good read. Sadly,
Need just wasn’t up to the challenge.

The sad thing is that the idea is solid. This was my introduction into the evil fae genre and I was just so disappointed. Let’s start at the beginning.

Zara. I liked the phobia thing. It was a quirk and I can appreciate quirks, I’m chalk full of em. I like the fact that she runs. She has a hobby. That’s nice to see in a heroine. However she got annoying very quickly. Someone stalking you? Follow their voice into the woods, without proper protection. Boy appears where seconds before there was a dog? Question the boy on what he's up to. And then ask where the dog is.

Zara White


Nick was so full of hypocrite and possessiveness. But then again that’s pretty much required for a love interest nowadays. But I will touch on one thing. In one part of the book he says that he would love Zara even if she were a pixie. Yet chapters later when we find out that her dad is one, he flips out and leaves. Really?! What is this?


Hermione concurs. It's official; Nick you are stupid!

On that note; a kiss will turn you into a pixie but sleeping with one, that’s cool? No like magic pixie STDs or something. You get away scott free?


Well sign me up!!

Now for my biggest complaint; realization!!! Two seconds of research and suddenly everyone is like “oh it must be pixies” and it’s accepted. No further explanation needed right?


I’m sorry but if someone told me that I was being stalked by a pixie…….

Well let’s just say it wouldn’t be good. And I’m a person who believes in that kind of crazy shit!!
Quick little add on…..everyone had to have some sort of supernaturalness didn’t they? Didn’t they?!?!?!

I disliked this book. Didn’t hate. Disliked. I even went on to read the sequel (which didn’t end well either) so obviously Jones did something right. But in no possible way does she even come close to creating the same kind of atmosphere as Stephen King. Or even the lovely codependent relationship that Meyer did (though Jones did give it her best).

P.S. In case you can't tell, I am loving doing reviews with pictures. Especially if they involve Emma Watson in some way.
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