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Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
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Dec 08, 11

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Read from October 03 to 08, 2011

I should probably start out by saying that I LOVE Maria V. Snyder - she can rarely do wrong in my eyes. If you were a fan of her Study series, you are practically guaranteed to love Healer as well, as it has the same feel of adventure and danger that Study did.

Avry has the ability to heal the sick. Once, her kind was respected and held in high esteem by the people, and then a disease began to spread. When the Healer's couldn't stop it, people began to blame them for causing that very disease to start. Even knowing that it will likely get her killed, Avry continues to heal the sick as she travels from place to place with the limited knowledge she learned as an apprentice. While Avry awaits her death with a kind of tolerance born from accepting the fate handed to her, Kerrick has other ideas. Kerrick and his group have tried to track down a healer for awhile, for the need her ability to save their Prince. A prince that Avry harbors no love for, and if anything would rather have dead.

Touch of Power is not a sweet fluffy book. Avry takes the pain of others into herself to be healed, and there is a lot of indecision on her part about what to do. It is because of Kerrick that she is alive, however healing their Prince will almost certainly kill her. Avry is not immediately coddled and protected, and her to actually prove that she has earned the trust of the group, which is something that I can appreciate. While the world in Touch of Power can be seen as shallow, fans of Maria V. Snyder can vouch for the fact that both characters and world continue to flesh out as a series progresses. Avry herself is a strong and independent character who has learned that just because you save someone's child does not mean they aren't going to thank you for it. Indeed, the villain in the series was one I appreciated as well, for sometimes doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. The world is complex with what was formerly 15 kingdoms having dissolved into three, and many many kinds of magicians filling up the world. Touch of Power is a different kind of 'post-apocalyptic' book as the series does not dwell on the falling of the monarchs as much as others perhaps would. The average person is more concerned with trying to reclaim their every day life then the overarching political problems.

The romance in Touch of Power is a different one from much of the YA world, as the characters do not immediately feel drawn to nor instantly love each other. In fact, they have a well deserved hatred for one another that slowly dissolves throughout the book. It was refreshing to see a romance that felt earned and not handed to the characters.

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