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Count Down to Love by Julie N. Ford
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Aug 13, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: adult-lit, contemporary, humor, romance
Read from August 11 to 13, 2011

Overall Rating: If you are a fan of the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’, you will love this book! The antics of the girls are hilarious—petty and shallow, yet endearing all the same. It is a very contemporary book, with lots of ‘girl talk’ and the sometimes vindictive games they play to get their man.

Kelly is very different than all the other girls on the show 'Count Down to Love'--she is a last minute addition when her cousin (a producer of the show) receives a last-minute cancellation. I loved her southern drawl and manners; her character as a whole has a very innocent charm that is different and refreshing when it comes to the reality TV scene! I enjoyed watching all the changes in Kelly as she goes from a battered, lonely, left-behind-at-the-altar, self-pitying girl, to a woman who enjoys who she is and is willing to take risks and work toward her own dreams.

Most of this book is aimed toward watching Kelly take a step back to find herself and realize what her own dreams are, and because of that, some die-hard fans of the reality TV shows may feel slightly disappointed not to have more information about the show itself. However, I liked the balance between character development and just plain fun. And while, yes, there were times when the talk was cheap and the antics shallow and calculated, I have to admit, it was all extremely entertaining! The ending wasn’t quite what I had expected, but I liked that it was honest and open! Well done, Julie Ford! Count Down to Love is a lighthearted recreational read that will make you laugh, sigh, roll your eyes, and perhaps even shed a tear or two! Overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars!

Content Review:

PROFANITY: A few mild instances

VIOLENCE: A few very mild instances

SEXUAL CONTENT: Mild to moderate throughout



There were a few religious exclamations (10), as well as some crude references by some characters. The violence is very mild, including one scene where a character slaps another character, and a few scenes where some characters are very angry and shout a lot. There was quite a bit of mild sexual content--this is, after all, created after a reality TV show and is a romance to boot. This included clothing issues (padded bras, cleavage, plunging necklines, very short skirts, talk of ‘showing more skin’ and wearing tighter clothes, etc.), LOTS of kissing (as well as talking about kissing), and many relationship discussions (who did what with whom). The dating show itself is ‘group dates’ with one guy and multiple women—and he kisses them all. Two characters sleep in the same bed (nothing happens). There is one point where the door closes behind two characters for the night (part of the show is the end where two women will spend the night with the man as part of the choosing process); what happens after is left to the imagination. Mature themes would include some moderate themes such as being left at the altar (dealing with that sort of loss and hurt), dating, physical relationships, deception, playing ‘games’ to get your own way; and some more mild themes such as selfishness, snobbery, superficial actions, and discovering who you are. Count Down to Love is recommended for ages 16+.

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