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Ulysses by James Joyce
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Apr 12, 08

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I Can't do it, It fell in my toilet and didn't dry well, and I'm accepting it as an act of god. I decided against burning it, and just threw it out.
Yes, I am a horrible person.
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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth I appreciate honesty.

Jimmy haha, me too. I'll try it again in the summer perhaps. I feel like a jerk because it's on those top 100 lists... but damn is it slow and confusing.

Jimmy haha, I knew that was coming... you and wilk are gonna beat me with belts or something.
Or talk me into trying to read it again, i don't know which would be worse.

Jimmy you and your latin homosexual threatenings.
tsk tsk

message 5: by inji (new)

inji haha reviews like this make me want to give it a shot and see how hard i fail at it

Jimmy You will fail cause it'shorrible. Enough said.

Aaron I love this book. Yet, I understand your hatred for this book.

No, you're not a horrible person. Yo're just honest.


Ismoked420bluntz cool review bro

message 9: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine Lol. This review actually makes me want to read the book to see how horrible it is.

message 10: by Jonathonz (new) - added it

Jonathonz Ulysses without Gifford Annotated is absolutely unreadable unless you enjoy reading without understanding a damn thing about what the hell is going on. With it, it's very amusing and profound.

William Evan Understandable. A difficult read. Once you're ready to go on a journey,and grow some balls, you might come out of the story with a more enlightened state of mind. I hope next time you'll dry your ass better, for your pants' sake.

message 12: by Ali F. (new)

Ali F. laughed out loud :D

Jacqui Brazil I say hurrah! The toilet was the gods speaking to you! I gave my copy away! Never again will it attempt Joyce - my daughter on the other hand enjoyed Dubliners?! For some reason...

message 14: by Soy (new)


Flora Such an honest man!hahaha

message 16: by Elisa (new) - added it

Elisa Haha!

message 17: by Michael (last edited Feb 02, 2015 01:36AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Michael David Hahaha! Brilliant!

message 18: by Jalawa (new)

Jalawa I came across this book earlier this week and thought to buy it. Needless to say, I went with another one. Maybe, your hilarious review will almost make me look at getting it again. Btw, I love the brutal honesty.

Alicia The only reason I finished this book was because I've always finished a book I've started. I can't count how many times I wanted to quit, though. Glad I'm not the only one.

message 20: by Danie (new) - added it

Danie hahahahah!!!! one of the best review ever!!! I tried to read it years ago but I'll give it a try after I finished few other books

Rebecca Lowrance Jimmy, don't feel bad. I understood about .03% of what I read of that infernal book. If I had only been lucky enough to drop it in the toilet...

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