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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Aug 18, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2011

By Veronica Roth
Call # YA ROT
5 Stars

Sometime in the not so distant future, the United States as we know it is gone. Beatrice lives in a version of Chicago in which each individual belongs in one of five factions dedicated to a particular virtue: Candor are always honest, Abnegation are always selfless, Erudite always seek knowledge, Amity always seek peace, and Dauntless are always brave. Beatrice was raised as Abnegation, but she is now sixteen and must face the aptitude test and Choosing Ceremony at which she’ll decide to stay in her own faction or disown her family and follow a different virtue. Beatrice has never felt selfless, so when the results of her test come back inconclusive, she realizes she can no longer stay with her family and pretend to be something she is not. But can she survive life as a Dauntless? And what do the results of her aptitude test really mean for herself and those she loves?

Divergent is the perfect example of why I try to avoid reading series. I am a terribly impatient person, and now, having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series I must endure the long wait for book number two. I will inevitably forget just about everything in Divergent, thus having to reread it in order to have any kind of chance of connecting the two stories. Luckily, rereading Roth’s series starter won’t be too much of a hardship. Divergent has everything I love in a book. It’s a dystopia. It’s fast paced and interesting. There is a budding romance between two likable characters. There’s a secret plot brewing just underneath the surface. And, with little effort at all, I can see the storyline playing out in my head like a movie. It reminded me a lot of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series with a strong female protagonist and a battle against a corrupted governmental system. If you are a fan of gritty adventures, definitely consider Divergent by Veronica Roth.

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