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The Waste Lands by Stephen King
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Aug 09, 2011

I admit I was doing school, but it took me three months to get through this book. I lost interest for a long time. It took the knowledge that I've let so many books go half-way read to get me through the rest of it. It will be a long time before I go on to the fourth book.

The end made the book. The end was when that driving force which carries you through a novel (like a ticking bomb) popped back up. The middle of the book had no driving force. The characters just wander around for a while.

I don't particularly like the family feel of the collection of characters. They even have a pet dog (yes, it's a billy bumbler, I know - but even so). It seems that the only person there who really wants the Dark Tower is Roland. Walter, the character that has shown up the least probably, is my favorite character... besides Oy (the Billy Bumbler). The other characters don't show much motivation. None are driven like Roland is, even though they claim they are. Poor development.

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