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Sep 30, 2011

it was ok
Read from August 16 to 19, 2011

I got this book courtesy of the NetGalley Program, and have been itching to read Eve by Anna Carey ever since I read the plot. Romeo and Juliet meets The Hunger Games, I had high hopes for this book.

Nowadays, there are a ton of dystopian books for young adults trying their best to top the trilogy that is The Hunger Games. A lot of the books I have read are really great, and don’t try desperately to become the next big thing.

Sadly, Eve is not one of those books. It makes the mistakes that many dystopian books make nowadays. I was so anxious about this book, I requested it a bunch of times before I finally got approved. I tore into the novel, and noticed one thing that was a big problem: the pace.
In just the first three chapters Eve and her journey has taken off drastically. There is zilch thought process; there is not a moment where you can see that Eve is struggling to make a decision. I really like a book to be big because that means that the author does not rush the actions and the character development, it means that the scenes are not jerky. But sadly, this book is everything I didn’t want in the pacing of a story.

Part of problems with the pacing is that Eve is one of the most two-dimensional protagonists ever, and she changes so rapidly it’s unbelievable.

I found myself laughing because Eve is so easy to change, so easy to believe a person she hasn’t liked for all her life. I’d think she wouldn’t be so quick to escape when she’s so happy, when she’s succeeding. Why would ONE person change her entire thought process? Well, I sure didn’t know, and I don’t think Anna Carey did either. One minute, Eve loves Pip and Ruby and her life. She’s all perfect and is valedictorian. Then, after one conversation that lasts for half a page with some girl she’s hated for years, she’s questioning everything and escaping to nowhere in particular.
A pet peeve of mine is when a character in a book is so quick to change their mind set after having thoughts and beliefs drilled into their minds for their whole lives.

The second thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was Eve’s personality. It’s not very good whenever you don’t like the main character of a story, but sadly it happened in this book. Eve is selfish and egotistic throughout the book. She literally says that she is surprised how her love-interest treats her, and then she says: I am Eve, I am valedictorian, I am amazing, I am oh-so-holy-oh-so-special Eve…

She’s annoying and whiny; she’s everything that a protagonist in a book should not be. And yet she catches the attention of all the guys. Why would Caleb like this whiny, helpless girl who is all stuck-up, because I sure wouldn’t!

Why does this book get three stars, you’re wondering, after I’ve pointed out negative after negative? Because at the 130 page mark the book takes a turn for the better. I didn’t realize until the last page that Anna had done something right. She’d moved the plot along and added characters where characters were due. Everything became high-stakes and there was a goal taking form. The story was at least bearably readable.

In the end, Eve is the biggest disappointment I have had so far in 2011. It had so much potential to enchant us with a compelling world and a great protagonist, but Anna took the wrong route and made all the worst mistakes. She makes a world that is thinly created and implausible, she makes a cast of characters that are bipolar, characters that change their opinions after one little thing happens. She makes a plot that seems to string along and delivers a climax that is so rushed and disappointing I had to reread it a couple of times to make sure she wasn’t just kidding.

I'm still troubled by this book. I've re-read my review ten times wondering if i'm being too harsh, thinking: "She has talent, but it just doesn't show..." Eve will be recieved well by some, it has been recieved well by some, but this is not a strong story that makes you sob like SHATTER ME or other A plus dystopians. It's kind of like a middle-grade dystopian, venturing into a slightly YA theme of forced pregnancy.

I will read the next book in the series, because Anna’s writing style is very good, she has good imagery and she does a good job of disturbing the reader, but she needs to learn about constructing a dystopian world, and making a good, fleshed out cast of characters.
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Wendy Darling I keep hearing how unlikeable Eve is...that's a pretty big problem. Nicely reviewed, HD!

message 2: by HD (new) - rated it 2 stars

HD Tolson Thank you, Wendy!

It is a big problem, but Anna has great prose, which is going to keep me reading her stuff! It's kind of annoying, but i'm STILL at battle with this book!

Reut THANK YOU! This book was remarkably off balance and skewy with character development and pacing.

message 4: by HD (new) - rated it 2 stars

HD Tolson Heehee we so agree on books!!! :)

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