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Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
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Aug 09, 2011

did not like it
Read from August 09 to 15, 2011

As I said before: I hardly enjoyed Hush Hush, and made my opinions on that little number quite obvious in my review.

Why, then, did I torture myself with the sequel to that disaster of a “novel?” Simple. It was all circumstantial. I brought Hush Hush on vacation to Europe and, before getting far enough into it to realize what torture I was in for, bought the sequel in the airport. Look, I can’t live without a chunk of paper in my purse, okay? I had hopes. I thought “Man, I’m going to finish this and not have the next one! How will I survive?” Well, I would have survived just fine, thank you.

Crescendo was a veritable disaster.

I like to read. I like good books. “Good books” for the sake of this review means the kind with characters you don’t hate, and a plot that doesn’t bore or confuse you. Unfortunately, this was not a good book.

I didn’t really understand why a sequel to Hush Hush was necessary, and I’m not sure Fitzpatrick could adequately answer that question either. Despite not being a stunner, that book did a pretty good job of telling a story and finishing it up. It was cliche and poorly plotted and derivative, but at least it had an ending. Crescendo seems to stretch it a bit in extending the plot, creating problems where there shouldn’t be any and putting this down to “plot developments.” Sorry - if you’ve been dating for like 2 weeks and are already freaking out about your boyfriend cheating on you, that’s not a plot for a novel. It’s called being insecure.

Nora, whiny and childish in the first novel, climbs to new heights (or sinks to new lows) in the second installment of the Hush Hush trilogy. (Or, I thought it was a trilogy. Apparently there’s going to be another one after Silence, though I can’t fathom why). She’s not only incapable of controlling her raging lust (gross) (slutty), but becomes Edward-possessive, insecure, snivelly, weak, and detestable. I may be exaggerating this, but that’s how I recall it.

In Hush Hush I was pleased to discover a male character not afraid to be a bit of a pervert. And a jerk. It was supposed to be “sexy.” I didn’t find Patch sexy, but I found him vaguely entertaining. And I was glad that he wasn’t blond. Not all boys are, you know. YA fiction would have us assume that, but it isn’t true. He’s absent in this book, and when he’s there he’s annoying. I’m a shotty on the exact details, because I think my brain repressed the memory of reading this in large part, but I recall actually missing him a bit because things seemed to occur when he was around. Yet when he was there, he was wooden. I don’t know.

We’ll put that down to writing, shall we? Because the writing was pretty poor. Nothing horrifying, but it was bad enough that passages meant to be “exciting” and “tension filled” were brief and confusing, and boring passages were stretched to eighteen times their actual length. It takes me three words to say “Nora was sad.” Fitzpatrick takes chapters and chapters to say as much.

Nora drinks milk. Nora goes to sleep. Nora cries. Nora does pointless and boring things. SOMEONE’S GOING TO KILL - oh wait, it’s over. And there’s a cliffhanger! What the heck Becca! Now I feel like I have to read Silence, which is the point, I guess. but I’d rather eat my own eyeballs than pay $25 Canadian for a book that isn’t even the end of the series! If I do end up reading Silence it’ll be paperback. From the used bookstore. I’m not spending more than another $4 on this series. Seriously. Why do I torture myself?

Final Breakdown:

Premise & Originality: 0 Stars

Plot: 0 Stars

Characters: 0.5 Stars

Writing: 0.5 Stars

Enjoyability: 0 Stars

Total: 1 / 5 Stars

Man - I’m a toughass.
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message 1: by Nіsha (new)

Nіsha I've read so many mixed reviews on this series! I think it's pretty obvious when stories are dragged just to keep the books coming along=\ I plan to read the first one to see for myself. From the library of course lol.

Addie Nіsha wrote: "I've read so many mixed reviews on this series! I think it's pretty obvious when stories are dragged just to keep the books coming along=\ I plan to read the first one to see for myself. From the l..."

A lot of people liked it better than I did! And it's always good to see for yourself, right? :)

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