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The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Celia Thomson
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Aug 09, 2011

liked it
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Read from August 09 to 18, 2011

Pretty decent. Much smarter and edgier than the TV series, even though it was published 6 years ago (shocking). The third book dragged a bit, but it was a good conclusion to the trilogy.

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Reading Progress

08/09/2011 page 7
1.0% "Unrealistic thing #1: ditching school without your parents finding out."
08/09/2011 page 8
1.0% "'Chloe was finally developing a waist, as if her belly had been squeezed up to her breasts and down to her butt.' Either that or she's discovered Spanx."
08/09/2011 page 29
4.0% "3 seconds later, Chloe chomped on the mouse. Oh noes! It's no fun to play with if it doesn't move."
08/09/2011 page 34
4.0% "Gap Lagoon. Haha!"
08/09/2011 page 43
6.0% "Such a force for positivity this one is."
08/09/2011 page 46
6.0% "Kitty cat hat! Foreshadow foreshadow foreshadow."
08/09/2011 page 66
9.0% "Kitty cat claws! Seriously, the thing with the foreshadowing's getting a little silly now."
08/10/2011 page 93
12.0% "He's a cat lover! A great personality trait to have, especially in this book."
08/10/2011 page 126
16.0% "Is Chloe going to figure out she's a cat person? Soon-ish?"
08/10/2011 page 129
17.0% "When it rains it pours...."
08/10/2011 page 143
19.0% "Aw. Creepy."
08/10/2011 page 152
20.0% "Is Brian a spy?"
08/10/2011 page 159
21.0% "'Now it has a taste for their blood.' Just like YOU, Chloe."
08/10/2011 page 174
23.0% "Aw, I love the guidance counselor. That's, like, kind of touching."
08/12/2011 page 220
29.0% "Well I guess we know what Brian's up to now."
08/12/2011 page 229
30.0% "No underwear?! Gross, I hope she washes those pants."
08/12/2011 page 254
33.0% "Well, the first book was okay. The question now is whether to take a break between books and read something else or keep on to the second book."
08/14/2011 page 302
39.0% "So the Order of the whatever Blade is like conservative establishment-rich white folks?"
08/14/2011 page 324
42.0% "Chloe, this whole walking in on people accidentally thing could get real old, real fast."
08/14/2011 page 333
43.0% "Alyec's got to be smarter than he pretends to be. *she says hopefully*"
08/14/2011 page 437
57.0% "Dammit, I was hoping the Pride kidnapped Chloe's mom."
08/15/2011 page 481
62.0% "For some reason I keep reading Tenth Bladers as 'Tenth Bladders.'"
08/15/2011 page 486
63.0% "When I finish this book, I am a break from YA. A very long break."
08/15/2011 page 522
68.0% "The 2nd book was better than the 1st book. There were more POVs than just Chloe's and it felt like it moved faster." 2 comments
08/16/2011 page 549
71.0% "Edward Hopper shout-out!"
08/16/2011 page 567
74.0% "That doesn't sound like the greatest plan."
08/16/2011 page 605
78.0% "Is that why my parents are always trying to get me to hook up with someone and have kids? :p"
08/17/2011 page 666
86.0% "I heart Kim."
08/17/2011 page 688
89.0% "Now would be a good time to run, dimwit."

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