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Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson
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This is the first book by Rachel Gibson and I LOVED it......I might have just "found" a new author. :)

Autumn (h) having just hurried her mother after a long fight against cancer, her only sibling, Vince, is in Iraq and never really knowing her father, has found herself alone for the first time in her life. She decides to take a trip to Las Vegas and do everything on her list.....she writes a list for everything. One thing however that wasn't on her list was hunky Pro Hockey player Sam LeClaire. They have a short but hot romance and on one crazy night. before the end of their trip,they find themselves married......and the next morning Autumn finds herself left all alone again. The next time she hears from Sam was through an attorney for a divorce. It was through the same attorney that she informs him that she's pregnant.

Sam didn't know what it was about Autumn that attracted him to her but for some reason he couldn't get enough of her. When he wakes and finds himself married to her,he tries to blame it on the booze but he knew there was more to it. But before he gives it too much more thought,he runs. When he finds out that he's going to be a dad, he's thrown off balance again. As time goes by he sees his son when ever he has time,wich isn't much. ut he does provide for him with a hefty child support,wich he doesn't resent, he wants to know that Autumn and Connor have everything they need.

Year have gone by and though he sees Conner somewhat he hasn't seen Autunm in years, so when he sees her at his friends wedding he's not sure what to say to her or how she'll act......she always looks like she wants to kick him in the balls and that's something that he likes to avoid at all cost.

Autumn knew when she took the job to plan this wedding that she would see Sam, after all it was the owner of his Hockey team that was getting married. As long as she sees to the details and stays in the back she should be okay. As Sam approaches her to let her know he's there and get the awkward meating over with, he over hears that there is a problem picking up Connor so he offers to have his assistant pick him up and take him to his home and he would return him in the morning. Problem solved, but Connor's getting older and Sam can see that he needs to spend more time with his son,he needs to be a better father.

The more time Autumn spends around Sam the more she can feel herself falling for him all over again and that scares the shit out of her. Can she do that to herself again....can she do that to Connor??

Though my review is mostly about Autumn the author lets you know both Autumn and Sam and what makes them tick. Both are very likable characers and Rachel Gibson. does a great job in helping the reader understand the choices each of them make and why. For those who cant stand a second chance Romance were the Hero see lots of women while they are divorced and the heroine sees no one at all,there is that element in this book but again I think the author makes it work.
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Jessica Nice review, Noelle! I loved this book too! I read "Simply Irresistible" and then this one. I loved both books. I've also read "Nothing But Trouble". I liked it, but not as much as the other two books.

Noelle I haven't read any of her others and while looking for more books by her I saw that there were a few that came before this one (the ones you listed) I don't know if I'll read those, I kinda like to read things in order. I had hoped that there was a book for Autumn's brother Vince, I would love to read his story but I couldn't find one. :(

Jessica I like to read books in order too. But, somehow I usually end up starting in the middle of a series and having to go back. I think you would like Simply Irresistible. I loved it as much as I did this one. Vince's book is the next book in the series. :) I think it comes out in May or June. I can't wait to read it!

Noelle Yay!! Thanks for the info,now I have something to look forward to. :)

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