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Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan
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Besides the, um, very colorful sex, this book contains a very interesting story!

Roe was practically thrown out of his home when his family discovered that he was gay. The extremely conservative and Christian family saw him as a devil's pawn and wanted him to "heal" before he could stay with them. Roe left, but didn't go far enough and ended up in jail after a fight. When he got out he started travelling around, working as a hand at different farms. Eventually he landed at Nowhere Ranch where he got to stay at the farm as the only live-in hand in a small apartment above his boss' house. One night in the only gay bar in the vicinity Roe discovers that his boss, Travis, is gay as well and they decide to play together. Everything is fine between them until Roe realizes that Travis wants something more than just sex, after running for years he's not sure he's got what it takes to stick around...

Love doesn't have to be of the conventional kind. That's the message I take with me from this book. Roe's family is not the source of love it should have been, and it takes a while for Roe to figure out that HE is not the problem in their relationship. When running from the people who should have loved him he discovers a new family with people who all love him, in their own way. The relationship with Travis contains a lot of untraditional bits and pieces, but they all help Roe find comfort and trust within the relationship. The adventurous sex helps to keep Roe grounded and calm enough to begin to accept the other things Travis wants them to have...some of those things being love and a true relationship!

I really liked this story!

The last chapter really should have been called what it was Epilogue! At least then I would have been prepared for the sticky-sweet sugar bomb...
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Heidi Cullinan
“I was feeling like all that crazy sea inside me was settling into a calm. He had drawn it all out of the bottle I kept it in, but when I looked up at him like that, it settled, because if my wild insides were a sea, those gray eyes were the world's biggest fucking bowl, and they held me. Caught me and held me and bore me up.”
Heidi Cullinan, Nowhere Ranch

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