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The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Aug 15, 2011

did not like it
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Read from August 09 to 14, 2011

It was promising... the tale of Arthur from the view of the women that shaped events.

My biggest issue was that I just couldn't connect with any of the female characters. I found them, for the most part, tedious, compliant, or scheming. Then again, in the dark ages, there wasn't much for women except craft work, running a household, gossip, and marriage... so maybe the book was true to this.

I would have liked that the pagan characters could have been stronger so that there was interesting dialogue or interaction between the women of the two worlds - don't get me wrong, she *tried* to do this.. but failed... miserably. It just came off as women bitching about eachother's differences & being frustrated at their own unhappy lives.

The male characters were one dimensional so there was no saving grace there.

Lots of monologue from the female characters, but mostly this was used to go around & around in circles or go back over the same 'issues' from previous monologues. Most of the time the characters don't seem to really be enlightened or learn anything though the events that unfold.

I read all the books, yes... but by the last book I was just skim reading because I needed closure as to how this particular tale unravelled. (A real failing considering this is about 1000 pages)

It would also have been really good had there been some interesting/original debates around theology seeing as it's so central to this story... but there was nothing new and it was all rehashed from a lot of other material.

This didn't do it for me - Characters weren't strong enough. Story was nothing special. Theological debates were unoriginal. It could have been really good, but it wasn't.

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