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Weep Not, Child by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o
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Apr 07, 2008

it was amazing

Ok I read this when all that political strife was going down in Kenya, and thousands of people had died. I learned that intergenerational conversations must intentionally happen, otherwise we tend to waste a lot time repeating the same old mistakes and fostering a lot of hate, angst, confusion and disappointment towards our elders and amongst ourselves in the process. Also...colonialism sucks...more bad than good came out of it...and you can challenge me on that.

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message 1: by Assmaa (new)

Assmaa Yes of course you are true in all that you said.When somebody or especially a powerful coutry want to colonize a weak country they will say at the beginning that they come in order to civilize them and to make them more powerful But in fact all these are just bad lies to start their real goals and I think that the bad thing that they do is to make the people of this country slaves to them then they star to ake heir property a nd even their lands exactly like what happen in Kenya and also India when the British exploited them and made them just a poor coutry and people.With all these some histtorians saw the British as a hero with its deeds as it desroyed some barbaric customs like when they burn persons when hey died and it made them more civilized.At this point Iwant to say that they forgot important thing is that India before their coming thy were very wealthy but by their left it will become very very poor.But when we see in every thing we can say hat British Empire grought and gave to India and Its people Many good things in all the domains and it brought civilization to them. ASSMAA from France

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