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Blizzard of the Blue Moon by Mary Pope Osborne
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Aug 08, 2011

really liked it

OK- this book is TOTALLY not for me. This was, obviously, one for the kids. We finished Narnia and are waiting on Percy Jackson to come from the library, so I read this little thing that my mom either bought for the boys or accidentally packed in our stuff... I'm not sure how we came by this book actually.

Turns out, it's #36 in a series. Yikes.

It's an early-chapter book, made for a six or seven or eight year old to be reading on their own, lightly illustrated, and pretty simple and straightforward. I will say that I really, really like the idea of this book series.

The kids have a magic tree house that transports them through time, giving them magical missions to complete. Here's the cool part: they travel to REAL times and places, learning about them as they go. They are given a spell book and an "lesson book" to go with each mission, so they read snippets of real, historical facts to go with their magical fun.

In this book, they traveled to New York in the 1930s, so they learned about Central Park, the Depression, New York City, etc. Just little paragraphs of factual information tucked into the story, but still, as a parent, I could see this series being a fun way to sneak a little bit of history into their reading habits.

Violence 0/5: Some very brief intimidation, but no injuries or fights.

Sex 0/5: Nothing

Language 0/5: Nothing

Substance Abuses 0/5: Nothing

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message 1: by Eileen (new)

Eileen Souza Sounds awesome. If you read others in the series, I'd be interested to know if they are written with any sort of political slant, or fairly direct "facts".

Gina Denny Since they're aimed at such a young age, there really isn't room for a slant. The facts are so simple: "In the 1930s, New York, and most of America, was suffering from the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time when a lot of people were poor and had no jobs and very little to eat. It was a difficult time."

Simple. It's aimed at little kids, so there's no mention of what brought it on, what ended it, what politics were played to try to end it, etc. The factoids are so brief and simple that they really can't help but be straightforward. I would think they are "safe" territory for any kid :)

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