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Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff
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Holy shit.

How am I supposed to write a (spoiler-free) review of that much awesome, that much emotion, that much originality?

Fuck, I love this book. I'm pre-ordering another copy for my sister and dad to read because HOLY SHIT.

I may need to reread this again. Right now. It's that good.

And yes, I cried. Twice.

And I also got goosebumps. The good kind. Wow wow wow.

Review, with actual thought instead of pure fangirling, to come in August.
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Quotes Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews) Liked

Jay Kristoff
“It's easy to lose yourself in the idea of a person and be blinded to their reality.”
Jay Kristoff, Stormdancer

Jay Kristoff
“Dying is easy. Anyone can throw themselves onto the pyre and rest a happy martyr. Enduring the suffering that comes with sacrifice is the real test.”
Jay Kristoff, Stormdancer

Jay Kristoff
“A conscience is easier to swallow on an empty belly, simpler to swing with a broken wrist.”
Jay Kristoff, Stormdancer

Jay Kristoff
“Tiger proudly roars.
Dragon dives and Phoenix soars.
Fox gets the chicken.”
Jay Kristoff, Stormdancer

Reading Progress

06/28/2012 page 1

Obviously, I have a capslockian-level of excitement going on here.

(Also: my ARC has 100 pages more than this edition.)"
06/28/2012 page 15
4.0% "(actual page count: 115)

This. Is. Awesome.

From worldbuilding (so detailed! So unique!) to characters (Yukiko and Kasumi are my favorites) to steampunkery (atmos-suits that function as jetpacks!), this is just made of win. I love love love it so far." 2 comments
06/28/2012 page 74
21.0% "(actual page count: 174)

Yukiko has grown more in these two hundred pages than some other female protagonists see in multi-volume book series."
06/29/2012 page 145
41.0% "(actual page count: 245)

Emotional whiplash! This is a best of 2012 book, for sure."
06/29/2012 page 163
46.0% "(actual page count: 263)

06/29/2012 page 225
64.0% "(actual page count: 325/455)

I don't want this to end. Ever. Or at least until I have book two in my hot little hands."
06/29/2012 page 258
73.0% "(actual page count: 358)

Oh, no. My emotions! I am ~flailing~ all over the place right now!"
06/29/2012 page 293
83.0% "(actual page count: 393)

Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh shit oh shit! O_O" 7 comments
06/29/2012 page 339
96.0% "(actual page count: 439)

No. It can't end. I NEED MOAR."

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message 1: by Jay (new) - added it


(Really glad you liked it Jessie :D )

Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews) Then I predict you'll be drunk daily once this baby officially hits shelves ;)

message 3: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Sounds like I need to find a way to get this one.

Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews) Yes! This is one of my top 5 reads so far this year. The beginning is very typical fantasy - lots of setp and world exposition but it is so so good!

message 5: by Jay (new) - added it

Jay Kristoff <3 :)

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