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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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Sep 30, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: theme-fantasy, protagonist-male, read-2011, series-kingkiller-chronicle, shelf-b
Read from August 31 to September 30, 2011

A fantastic book, one of the better fantasy novels I've read. Kvothe himself is an excellent character, inherently brilliant but not annoyingly so, routinely running afoul of his emotions or inexperience despite his extraordinary abilities. The nature of the book (a retelling of his life story by the man himself), means the book presents both the jaded, world-weary Kvothe who has seen and done too much and the happy, talented youth before all the major things he does (or which are done to him) to make him into the man he is by the time of the retelling.

The book is littered with strong, memorable characters, male and female, young and old, and with many of them there's the sense that Rothfuss is only presenting a fraction of their story. It's always a good sign when it feels like incidental characters could be spun out into their own story. Likewise, the novel's setting is well-realised and feels like this first book provides only the barest glimpse of a deep, wide world with countless stories to be told.

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Reading Progress

09/05/2011 page 54
8.0% "Even from these first few chapters it seems like it's going to be as good as I was hoping, knowing little about it going in save that it comes highly praised. In this introduction Kvothe has already been established as a great character, the world is interesting and it's well written."
09/07/2011 page 120
18.0% "Really excellent so far. The characters, the world and the writing all have me hooked."
09/09/2011 page 168
25.0% "Still excellent, though I didn't read enough to have much else worthy of comment."
09/15/2011 page 225
34.0% "Rothfuss' minor characters are also well-crafted, even those that only seem likely to stick around for a few chapters. It's always a good sign when it feels like incidental characters could easily be fleshed-out to have their own stories."
09/15/2011 page 296
45.0% "It's been a while since Kvothe has been able to demonstrate his brilliance, but now it's come he's certainly taken advantage of the opportunity. There's always a danger with making a character too exceptional, but while Kvothe is an extraordinary person he makes mistakes, with severe consequences."
09/16/2011 page 356
54.0% "We're getting to Kvothe's first love now. Going back to what I said before, the minor characters are fleshed-out well enough that there have been a couple of people that I've assumed would prove to be the love interest, only for them to disappear or just be background characters. This book continues to impress."
09/22/2011 page 418
63.0% "It's a real pleasure to return to this after five days away. Love and hate are the predominant themes right now, Kvothe not currently faring too well with either."
09/23/2011 page 482
73.0% "Kvothe's first taste of being a hero, while still being timid in love."
09/24/2011 page 545
82.0% "Oh man, what a place to have to stop! Kvothe's getting closer to issues from both his past and his present, and the chapter ends on a dramatic note that makes me want to keep going. This is such an excellent book."
09/29/2011 page 612
92.0% "As it nears the end there's a real sense of escalation, in a book that was already full of dramatic peaks. Stopping here is a real wrench."

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