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Lord Demon's Delight by Gia Dawn
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Aug 06, 2011

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

Lady Jessaline Nolan has lived a horrible life at the hands of her father, the Lord of the House of Nolan. Jessaline lives like a prisoner in her home, and is beaten or whipped at any display of defiance. In a final display of his control of Jessaline, Lord Nolan has arranged her marriage to the bastard son of a Catholic Bishop. However much Jessaline may want to leave her father’s home, her betrothed is not a better option. He has shown himself to be equally as cruel as Lord Nolan and he will be able to hurt her in more ways than beating.

Jessaline refuses to marry Timon, and swears that she will marry a Demon of Dunmore before becoming Timon’s wife. As it happens, Lord Llewellyn Dunmore himself is witness to her vow and decides to hold her to it. Jess is immediately attracted to Llew, but his reputation as a demon doesn’t make him a much better alternative than her betrothed. She agrees to marry him only after he promises never to beat her or physically harm her. That alone makes him her best option.

Llew comes from a long line of bastards. For many generations, the men in his family have refused to marry, even though they have fathered many sons. Rather than take a wife, these men have always chosen a life of drinking and whoring instead. Llew is the first man in his family to wed, and now he is saddled with a complete stranger who isn’t even his type. In spite of the many reasons he should not be with Jess, he finds himself uncontrollably attracted to her. Will the attraction between Jess and Llew grow into a real and lasting love?

While Jess’s father and fiance scheme to steal her back by any means necessary, there are magical beings from the fairy relm working behind the scenes to protect the couple. The fairy are not known to the humans, but their influence cannot be denied.

Make no mistake about it, this book is not for the prudish reader. The sex scenes are frequent and highly detailed. However, the sexual encounters occur only within monogamous, consenting relationships. These scenes are not one-dimensional; they are intertwined with romance, passion, and love. If I’m going to really enjoy an erotic novel, these are key points for me.

Something else that is crucial to me in an erotic novel is that the story and characters are of the same quality that I would expect in any other novel. This book met all of my expectations in that regard. Jessaline’s character is smart, brave, and determined. Llew is a sexy bad boy who is being transformed by his love for his wife. Reformed bad boys are my favorite heroes in love stories, and Llew was no exception.

The only part of the story that I thought was a little weak was the ending. It wraps up really quickly and there is no epilogue, so I finished the book feeling like I got robbed of my happily ever after. I also wished for a little injection of humor in parts of the story, particularly from Llew’s two brothers. Lastly, even though the fairy involvement is scattered throughout the story, I would have loved to read more about these characters and their world.

Recommended for fans of historical and/or paranormal erotica.


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